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23rd February 2012 15:58


Blog: Tonight's game can't come quick enough
mansfieldtown.net, Tue 21 Feb 2012

Firstly let's get the negative bit out the way. Saturday we wasn't good enough, no excuses. It's plain and simple - we were rubbish.


Everything we have been about so far, we weren't. Team work, passion, work rate, tempo, creativity were all absent. Every single player will hold their hand up to this. It's not an excuse but we actually looked like a team that had not played a competitive game in three years let alone three weeks and I thank and apologise to the fans that made the journey down for our performance.

Now the good bit….. we are still in a good position with all to play for. The ball is in our court!!! Five points off the playoffs with a game in hand. Not one person in this camp is saying it's over or lying down to feel sorry for themselves, no chance. And that includes YOU!! Now is the time that we come together more than ever and give it every little thing we have in our locker, whether it's pulling on a shirt and running until you drop, banging a drum, singing your heart out or supporting the boys in anyway - we are all doing it with a 110%.

If we get to the end and we haven't quite made it then no one can say we didn't give it our all as a football club. Yes, people will have a difference of opinion which is fine, that's footy. But for 15 games let's all give it our all and make this happen.

What a great week to go into: two home games in the space of five days and a chance to put some points on the board. I ask you tonight, from minute 1 until the final whistle, to get right behind us as you have been. Be that 12th man.

The journey down to Newport wasn't too bad I just about stayed sane and spent a lot of it looking at Stevo thinking 'Wow, why does he pull that stupid face when he's sleeping…strange creature.' Anyway, we finally got down there and I lost my roomy!!!! They had taken Demps (John Dempster) off me. The goat said he had nothing to do with it but the big girl has obviously gone crying to the gaffer, 'Please don't put me with that fruit cake, gaff.'

If you read this Demps, you were a rubbish roomy anyway .I was in with Worthy (Jon Worthington) which I didn't mind at all. He's a good guy but he didn't make me a cuppa either… the game's gone. A big shout out to Toddy (Andy Todd) though who made me a pearler on the coach.

After a bad Sunday snapping at everyone who came in my path, my Monday started well after a really positive meeting with the boys and then a training session which was at a fantastic tempo .You needed six pairs of shin pads as there was a real grit between people's teeth. We have a very honest and talented bunch of lads and more than anyone, we know when we have let others as well as ourselves down. The game tonight can't come quick enough .

Training finished and as I was putting my boots in my car I shut the boot and realised I locked my keys in the boot and the car had locked itself…GRRRRRRRRRRRR.NOT COOL!!!! Lucky for me my good friend Conor Higginson offered to drive me back to Derby to get my spare key. It was a bit of a journey, but thanks to squirrel head.

I see them lot up the road have changed manager again. I was shocked to hear that one. Having a few mates there, I know how hard Mad Dog (Martin Allen) had worked there and what he had done for them. I really don't get this chopping and changing business. People need time to build their own model. They're not Paul Daniels.

I wish Keith Curle all the best in his new challenge. He's one of my ex gaffers and a decent guy. It's also a great move for a good mate and ex Stag Kevin Pilkington. He will bring great experience in his new role at Meadow Lane.

It was good to have Thommo (John Thompson) back in training recently. It's been a nightmare from start to finish for him so far. Let's hope this is the end of it now as he will be a massive bonus for us in the run in.



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