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21st February 2012 10:53


Captain's blog
mansfieldtown.net, Mon 13 Feb 2012

Yep you guessed it, another weekend without a game.


Hopefully now we have seen the back of this freezing 'orrible weather.

We managed to get a game down at Sutton Coldfield FC on Saturday which was a decent work out on the 3G surface. But when three points are not involved it's not the same. Saying that though, it did get a bit feisty.Goblin Green took a kick and saw the red mist for a second.

As a professional, I don't think there is such thing as a friendly. You get sucked in and before you know it, you're demanding more of yourself and others. I wrote an article last week for someone about winning. It's a strange subject and when you mention it in the same breath as developing kids. wow! It's like, no, you can't say that word.... ssshhhhhh... it's not allowed. Hold on, surely winning and losing is part of development, not just as a footballer but as a life skill too? I started thinking, can you teach or help to create a winner? Someone with a desire and passion to win in everything they do. Or is it something you're born with and is inside you?
Tricky one really. I do believe there are certain bits in our mental state which you are born with but I also think as we grow up what is around us, what we see, and how we are treated has a big effect on how we develop.

Last week we had to have a winners' head on as we had a tough week. I think all the boys had heard the gaffer's interview on Monday and the dreaded words "mini pre season." It made us all want to cry. As a footballer you expect to run and physically push yourself but as soon as the words 'pre season' are mentioned, you wanna' run. but in the opposite direction to where the actual running is taking place. Running when there is not a ball involved is mentally tough. I am a FOOTBALLER, I want a ball. It doesn't work like that though and the reality is that fitness work is just as important as the rest of it - even more so how the game is developing now.

When I was younger I'd have a night out on the town (or four) and still be able to perform, but now you wouldn't be able to. It's a 24/7 job you have to constantly watch how you're living.

I went to watch Villa v Man City on Sunday and to watch them live and see the intensity and amount of work which they put in is unreal.

The week we have had has been well balanced with a good mix and hopefully
it's going to stand us in good stead to hit the ground running when we
finally get back to action.

Thanks to the Stags Supporters Association we have another away trip coming
up this Friday. Hopefully it won't take 54 hours like Ebbsfleet because I
don't think I can go through that again. I'd rather run there. Anything other
than being cooped up. I can't stand having to listen to Ross Dyer's awful
accent. AAAARRR mate yeaaaa aaaar how are ya yeaaaaa. hahaha only joking shes
lovely really. I might have to change room mates though after J.D (John
Dempster) didn't make me a cuppa. not cool. To be fair after the horror
stories I told him about Muzza's past he probably won't even travel.

I can't wait for this game though, just to get back in the thick of it and
the lads are raring to go too. We have to keep this run going now and make
sure we stay in and around it. I will be up against my old mate Adam Chapman
which will be nice. I can spend 90 minutes telling him he's got a huge nose.
Newport have picked up lately though so it's going to be a tough place to go
and we are going to have to earn every inch.

I heard someone the other day make a comment, "Why's Murray started pulling
out of tackles?" Haha, brilliant. I had a couple of 40/60 challenges which I
was careful with in the last game, purely and simply because I'm on 8
bookings, and in a game where I felt we were safe, I wasn't going to risk any
stupid bookings. Sometimes in the heat of battle you go off your instinct and
I've picked a couple of silly ones up, so at the right times you have to be
careful. If a game plays out that I need to be putting my body on the line
then so be it.

It's been a busy week in the football world especially with the England
manager leaving - the right thing in my eyes. How can a man lead us into a
major finals with everyone knowing that he's off home at the end of it? This
next choice has to be right and if it takes time it takes time. One thing I
feel people have to accept though is that England are not that good! We are
not up there with the world forces so we shouldn't set our expectations so
high knowing fully we wont reach them and then hammer the team/management for
being poor. Time to be realistic.

And then the Suarez thing. What a goat he is. He managed to find Scott
Parker's mid drift with a right foot volley, supposedly when he was aiming
for the ball on his first game back? And then what about him blasting the
ball in to the dugouts. what's that all about? Imagine if Keano was playing?
I think he may have ended up in row z with a few bruises .For a guy at the
level he is at, he needs to take a good look at him self.

Anyway guys I'm off. Hopefully we will be back to normal this week and have a
game on Saturday. See you all there. bring your voices.


The views expressed in this column are not necessarily the views of Mansfield
Town Football Club


Skipper answers your questions
mansfieldtown.net, Thu 16 Feb 2012

Adam Murray answers fans' questions which were scheduled to be printed in Saturday's match programme against Fleetwood. . .


Who is the best player you've ever played with at Mansfield?
John Graham, Kirkby-in-Ashfield

AM: I've been lucky to play with some great players here and also some right plonkers. I think the best, and I'm not just saying it because he's a good friend, but I'm going for Lee Williamson. He has everything in his locker: fitness, technique, attitude. He tackles, he scores and he did all my dirty work in the first time I was here .

Do you think we will get promotion this season?
Nathan Allen, Mansfield Woodhouse

AM: I think we have put ourselves in a great position and I honestly believe we have a great chance. There is always a element of luck going into the play-offs, which plays a part, but the squad we have now is strong enough to achieve. I am very confident, but not getting carried away as there is a lot of work to do.

Can you please recall your memories of Mansfield Town Football Club from season 2001-2002 when you were first here on loan from Derby County?

Theresa Marriott-Brown, Forest Town

AM: Crazy is the best word. I was a loose cannon and we had a right array of characters in the dressing room. It was a very tight group though and the atmosphere around the place was incredible. We had a strong team who had a great will to win. Not too much different from now to be honest.

My best memory was from the Carlisle game when the ground was so full that people were standing in the corners of the ground. Everything went our way and it was unreal in the changing room afterwards. We went in to town after and erm, erm, ..........................I woke up in the morning :)

In the last few years everyone has seen what Stevenage have achieved, from promotion out of this league to the top half of League One. Without getting ahead of ourselves but when (not if) we get out of this league, do you think along with the playing staff and current off the field structure we can achieve similar things?John Hammond, Hemel Hempstead

AM: If you would have asked me this last season I would have said 'no'. As we stand now, we are fully on our way both on the pitch and off it. I think the CEO has to take a lot of credit as she came in and re shaped the off-field situation. You have to have solid building blocks to push on and I think we now do.

I have just read Muzza's blog and want to ask him, who would you like to be coached by?
Thank you
Shelley Mercer, Sutton In Ashfield

AM: When I was a kid, I was coached by a great coach called Steve Round. He went on to be assistant at Middlesbrough, Newcastle, England and now Everton. He has been helping and advising me with my coaching so it would be good to have him again to see him at work 10 years on .

Do you feel The Stags are going in the right direction long term, with regards to the youth set up and reserve side to compete seriously with other league teams as and when we're promoted?
Daz R, Shirebrook

AM: Yes I think a youth set up and reserve side are very important to a club. It's a big step for a young lad to go from youth team football to first team so the reserves helps bridge the gap. It gives them great experience and helps them to mix with the pros. The club has great plans in place.

You have, through your own admission, turned your life around since having some problems years ago. Will you be looking to use your experience to help Gary Roberts get back on an even keel after leaving some clubs under a cloud?
Jake Stone, Bolsover

AM: If Robbo ever wanted any advice then he would more than welcome to it. Robbo is a great lad and would run through brick walls for you. You have to understand his character and I imagine that he's been mis managed at a lot of places, in my opinion.

Footballing wise, when was the best period of your life?
Mark Holmes, Mansfield.

AM: Obviously promotion was unreal and a great time but I am genuinely excited about where we are and where we are going now. To be involved with the Stags at the minute is exciting.

Which player from the current bunch (must pick one & not himself), is a must to be playing for us next season when we win the championship & why him?
Dave Slack, Yorkshire

AM: Robbo. Not just for his ability but he's a character and he brings a lot to the table in the right environment.

From both of your spells at the club, can you pick your best 11 please?
Dave Slack

AM: Alan Marriott/Kevin Pilkington, Bobby Hassell, Rhys Day, John Dempster, Luke O'Neill, Gary Roberts, Lee Williamson, Adam Murray, Chris Greenacre, Matt Green, Wayne Corden

What is your favourite Mansfield Town moment in your playing career at the Stags?
Olly Bickley, Norfolk

AM: Promotion and keeping the captaincy this season that was a big thing for me.

What was your best goal for Mansfield?
Olly Bickley, Norfolk

AM: Oxford at home. Maybe the wind assisted but it went in like a bullet. I also enjoyed my second goal against Gateshead last season.

If you could go back and speak to the young Adam Murray at the start of his football career, what advice would you give him?
Chriatopher Marriott, Mansfield

AM: Wow! How long have you got? I think it would be, 'You never made it', not just in football but in life. We can always improve and always get better



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