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13th February 2012 21:31


Captain's blog
mansfieldtown.net, Tue 07 Feb 2012

Another weekend with no game… GRRRRRRRRRR!

Have we ever had a season so stop-start? It feels like we are having breaks constantly.


Saturday saw us working on an 11 v 11 on a 3G surface. It was a good session and hard work. The 3G surface is ok for every now and then but it's hard on the old joints especially when it takes you half an hour to get down the stairs in the morning as it is.
My team were on fire and smashed them 5-2 in the end, I think. Yes I'm gonna' give myself man of the match!!!! It was my first time to see our new striker Matt Rhead and he is another great addition by the gaffer. He'll bring something different to what we have and I believe he could be very important in our final run-in. He's a big strong lad and his neck is actually bigger than my head…. scary!!! I was really looking forward to this week. A good home game v Darlo is a fantastic tie and also a trip against them lot down the road which was scheduled for tomorrow. It got a bit fiery last time against Alfreton and I imagine the atmopshere would have been immense in their compact little ground. Just the thought of it gives me an adrenaline rush

I've got to box clever from now till the end of the season though as I'm on eight yellows and if I reach 10 I will miss the first two games of next season. ERRRRRRR! Yes I have brought a couple of my bookings on my self but that's how I am. I play on a thin line. I can't help it. It's so weird when I cross that white line I actually go in to another world and it's very rare for me to remember large parts of the game until I re-watch it. There's nothing like being 'in the zone' though. The emotions and passion which you feel are immense.

Unfortunately for Mrs Murray this is where my emotions and passion are at their highest. If you were to ask me what was the last time I cried, then I wouldn't be able to tell you. I think I was two. But on the pitch, when that final whistle goes and you've battled for three points… WOW… it has been touch and go on some occasions. HAHA imagine that, Captain Muz cuddling up to Greeny on the half way line.

I've had this discussion with a lot of coaches, "can you teach a kid to have passion, desire and that will to win?" or is it something that is just 'in you'? At Centre of Excellence's all across the country you are told that winning is not important when developing kids as footballers. I totally agree to a certain point. It's about developing them in the correct way as footballers and keeping them sheltered from any pressure and encouraging freedom to express. BUT I am a believer that the benefits of winning should be put across to kids in the right way. I don't care what anyone says, as a kid or an adult, everyone enjoys being successful both individually and as a team. If you are you successful then you automatically work harder because you are enjoying what you're doing. If you're enjoying it then you want to come training to learn and to achieve more. If you're working at something but then constantly not seeing the results of what your trying, then is this not gonna have a negative effect on the your thought process and attitude? Rant over!!!

This weather is really getting on my nerves now it's ruining games, training and my coaching. I've actually got spare time which I don't enjoy. I'm someone who functions best when I'm busy, busy, busy. I like to be on the go all the time. I'm at a stage in my career now where I'm planning and getting everything in order for my next step.

How good is learning? Most of us have been there and said to our self: "I wish I would have listened at school and got the best qualifications possible." I really wish I had. I say to the kids I have now: "take this advice from some one who, as a kid, was settling for nothing less than being a footballer but give your education everything you can". The more strings you have to your bow can only make your position stronger in the future. Unfortunately like me, a lot of kids are of the impression that school and college is too much graft and that somehow life will give them something. Sorry kids, this game of life gives nothing to no one on a plate. There are fewer sayings truer than: "the more you put in, the more you get out".

I am currently getting involved in different courses to make sure that when the time comes, my bow is pretty full, although I don't believe it is ever full as you never stop learning. For me personally, my next step is coaching and then hopefully management. I have the same drive for coaching/management as I had when I was a kid when aiming to be a footballer. The drive is stronger, if anything, for the simple reason that I don't think I achieved what I should have in terms of my playing career and I'm determined to be successful at all costs. Don't get me wrong, I've not done bad and I'm in a great position at the minute where I still have the drive and commitment towards me playing, but am also excited when looking forward to my next steps. Four promotions and two cup finals are on the CV but I want more. The 5th will be here!!! There's a few years left in the bald badger yet though so don't worry about that.

I am in a great position to learn from some good people at the minute. In Micky Moore I have a coach who lives and breathes football and his knowledge is unreal. How he hasn't coached at a higher level I don't know. If he was to, I guarantee he would be a hit. (MICKY MOORE, YOU KNOW THE SCORE) The gaffer is a MANAGER. He knows how to get the best out of people and what they need: Do they need more work? A day off? A shoulder or a roasting? A very deep and clever guy.

As a footballer, getting to 30 is scary. Very scary. You know you have a few years left but you have one eye on the next adventure. From the age of 15 this business is all you know and have done with your life. When that suddenly stops…… BOOOOOM! HELLO ....I'm in the real world, what ya' gonna do!!! It's like leaving school again but this time you have a family, mortgage and bills to take care of. You can't ring your mum and say, 'Mum, can I move in with you for a couple years while I go to college'. NAAAA, you're on your own. That is why you have to be prepared. I once heard that a high percentage of footballers get divorced when they finish playing. I can understand why and I understand why players suffer with so many other problems after they finish. To be on a constant emotional ride as a footballer and then it suddenly hits you that your only buzz comes from your morning coffee is NOT COOL!! And I love coffee by the way.

Anyway I better go I seemed to have waffled loads. Sorry guys. Let's hope the weather sorts itself out because next week is a massive game so make sure you all get to the Mill and bring your cats, dogs, elephants, squirrels, chickens (no Luke not you) and really make some noise!! COME ON YOU STAGS!!! SHOW TIME!!


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