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6th February 2012 15:09

3 Feb 2012

Two great Stags talk shows:

CHAD Stags Talk with Stephen Thirkill, Tim Morriss and John Lomas. Listen here.

Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum with Jason Harrison and Tim Morriss, and manager Paul Cox and Chief Executive Carolyn Still will be LIVE in the studio. If you have a question for either Paul Cox or Carolyn Still, email sport@mansfield103.co.uk. Listen live from 6pm on 103.2 on Friday, or listen to the podcast here.

Carolyn Still on the ground situation: "There's still a few contentious clauses that we need to iron out, and until everything is signed and sealed, the deal has not been done. We are meeting with Mr Haslam on Monday, so hopefully some progress will be made there. I'm pretty confident everything should be sorted out by March 1st."
Dave Rhodes asks if the legal case against Mr Haslam has been dropped.
Carolyn: "Unfortunately we can't really talk about this can we, it's a legal matter that's being dealt with by solicitors.
There's lots of clauses that need to be ironed out. We are going to a solictors office on Monday with Mr Haslam. A broad basis of a deal has been sketched out.
They are both reasonable people, and I'm sure there will be a productive meeting on Monday because we are going to a solicitors office and things are getting a lot further down the line.
A lease deal won't be the best option. There are various options, various contingencies, and Mansfield Town ... should we be in a position to be promoted ... will be able to be promoted.
Both of them, Mr Haslam and Mr Radford, are successful businessmen who want the matter resolved but it is just like buying a house, there are a lot of people involved in this."
Carolyn tells Dave Rhodes that he will be the first person to know. Comment from Martin - it should be mansfieldtown.net, not Dave Rhodes !!!


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