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29th January 2012 22:13


Captain's blog: Opinions, opinions
mansfieldtown.net, Tue 24 Jan 2012


PHEW!!!! This blog could have been very different had the last two minutes of Saturday's match changed.

Another classic at the Mill… NOOOOTTT!!! Gale force winds, two teams scrapping for points for different reasons which took place on a cow field. That's no disrespect to Mez (Groundsman Mike Merriman) by the way. He is one of the best around at what he does and does a great job bearing in mind he has to work with fewer resources than groundsmen at clubs in higher leagues.

But back to the match… Did we expect any different? No, I think we got what we expected. Do I care? No I don't! Three points, three points, three points. That's what it's all about.

If I am honest just now and you asked me: "Are we as strong a unit as Wrexham and Fleetwood? "I would say no, in my opinion, we are not…purely down to the amount of time which these clubs have had to build and create their teams' style, spirit and philosophy.

Things don't happen over night and these are two prime examples of this. We go back to stability and patience and the importance of these two factors.

One thing I think we can agree on is that we look a better team when we take a pass. I'm not talking about total soccer, playing one-twos in our own box, but using the ability we have as a team in the right areas at the right times.

On that note I'd like to hold my hands up after the last couple of games. My distribution has not been up to the standards which I've set myself. I haven't been able to pass wind, but as a footballer you go through little stages like this, just as a striker does in front of goal. It is frustrating but I feel I bring other bits to the table and am more than confident that my radar will be back on target this Wednesday night.

On to the Luton game now, a club which I had a short spell at and was quite shocked when I was told I was off. But luckily for me I was on my way home so didn't complain!

It's gonna be a great game to play in tomorrow and I can't wait. We go in to it with great confidence and a belief that we can get a result. They're a good team with a quality manager and I believe they will be in the mix along with ourselves. It should be a great atmosphere and I look forward to seeing you all there to make some noise.

I thought you were excellent on Saturday, so thank you. Even when the stuff hit the fan you got behind us and drove us on to the last minute. AWESOME from you!!

In last week's blog I touched on opinions. How scary are opinions? In a football environment they can decide a person's livelihood. Kinda' crazy really. You think you could be a great player but if a manager comes in and in his opinion is that you're a 'sausage' then that's it - you're 'done' and out of the door, with your whole world turned up side down by someone's opinion. Get your head round that.

At the same time you can go to a club down the road and be the best thing since sliced bread. It's unreal. The power of an opinion!!!

As fans, you obviously hold power in your opinion, and the thing about opinions is that if a few people have the same opinion then people start agreeing with them without even thinking about it - just because it seems the thing to do: "My mate bob and Gary think red is a great colour so yeah, I'm in, I do too. it must be if they think it is ".

I know a few of you will be saying: "Muzza what are you going on about, have you been in the pub again?" I think that opinions are such a powerful tool, which can be used both positively and negatively.

I'm in the situation now where I'm coaching and having a certain amount of power to decide young lads' futures. Wow. That is a big thing and having a opinion on anything shouldn't be taken lightly or made off the cuff…In my opinion Sutts (Ritchie Sutton) has a live ferret on his head and yes I have really thought about that and haven't created that opinion lightly!.

When I was 19 one Sunday morning after ANOTHER night out I remember sitting naked on the toilet at my mum's house. "You've gotta stop this Adam," she said, "You're gonna ruin it all!". My reply was, "So what, I'm 19, I've played in the Prem, represented my country and just bought a five bedroom house". In my OPINION at that time, I thought I'd 'made it.' Adam Murray had arrived.I had created that opinion of myself without really thinking about what I was doing and how I was doing it. How wrong was I?!?

It's actually quite emotional for me to write that. Looking back, to reflect on such ignorance and arrogance as well as putting my mum through what I did is hard to take. It was all because, in my own head, I created a opinion of myself that I was king and would continue to be so.

Right guys I'm off to teach the wizards of tomorrow.This week's blog has been a little more serious but I think I've raised some valid points. It'd be good to see what you think. Thanks again for your support and we hope to bring you back another three points from Luton. COYY!!!


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