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18th January 2012 11:20


Captain's blog
mansfieldtown.net, Thu 12 Jan 2012


It's 10.00pm on Tuesday evening and I've sat down to write my new weekly blog.

Right, what do people want to read about? Football stats? Naaaaa. Me quote a load of football one liners? It's a game of two halves etc?… zzzzzzz! How about just some day to day truths and opinions from myself?What I think and feel about this, that and the other?Yeah, decent. Sounds good.

Tonight was the first time I assisted Toddy (player/coach Andy Todd) with the 'reserve team' in a 3 0 win against Eastwood Town. In my opinion the lads were fantastic. Their attitudes were spot on.Boy did they put in a shift.

As a footballer, these are the hardest games to play in. Do you actually ever really win in these games? If you lose you have not performed but if you win you were expected to win anyway, so the praise is limited. You have to create the atmosphere and the challenge from within. The challenge might be: can I get fitter? Can I show that I should be in the first team? Or simply, in some cases, 'look at me this is what I can do… give me a job, please'!

Anyway for me it was another learning curve and experience which you can't buy.

Looking back at last weekend's game at home to Forest Green now…what a big three points to have claimed - points which were needed in more than just one way.

I think you would all agree our performances have improved of late (although we have playing well recently without having the points to show for it).

Was the game a classic? No!!!! In fact I would go as for as saying that is was one of the worst I've played in during 15 years…ORRIBLE!

I actually had a spell of 10 minutes when I couldn't put a foot right, but hey it happens.

Would I take another 20 of them? Of course I would. Three points is what it's all about and I honestly believe that we as a team have gone through a learning process that will hopefully see us start gaining three points on a more regular basis.Saying that though, could Sutts' (Ritchie Sutton) hair piece handle wind like that every week? I doubt it very much.

It was good to see Hutch (Ben Hutchinson) and Robbo (Gary Roberts) come into the party.I'm excited by these two, who have great ability. Yes they are here for a reason like all of us but if you have the tools to be able to polish up little gems like these then all I can say is….WOW…what assets those gems could be.

I feel now is the time we have to stay positive as we approach a big month. Don't get me wrong you can't please everyone and there will be some people grumbling to themselves saying: "Shut up Murray I can't be positive, my glass is always half empty!" Turn your computer off now, this is my positive place!!!! Wait there positive people................... right, now the half empties are gone it's time to focus on those with glasses half full...

We are a project in the building process and gradually we are getting there. Do I believe we will be successful? Yes I really do!!! We are a totally brand new team and with that comes new ideas, new plans but also teething problems.If I could ask for one thing from you guys it would be patience!

I've just heard from some of the half empties again: "We have been patient long enough Murray". . . I told you to turn your computer off!! We all have to have patience and with patience comes stability and this place needs that more than anything. We have a chairman and a gaffer that are driven and hate to fail.

Let's stick together and make 2012 our year!

Finally, I must thank the guys who have moved into the Quarry Lane Stand with their drum in the last few home games… you are making a real difference… please keep it up!

Right I'm off. I need a snack before I end up with legs like Luke O'Neill a.k.a chicken legs

Peace out fellow yellows, I'm offski!!!



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