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28th October 2011 10:54

21 OCT 2011

Mansfield 103.2 Friday Night Football Forum with Jason Harrison and Tim Morriss, and guests Carolyn Still and Mick Laverick. Listen live on 103.2 at 6pm on Friday, or listen after 7pm on Friday to the podcast at here

Once the audio has disappeared from the 103.2 website, it will remain available for ever in the Stagsnet archive here

I've done my best to transcribe the more relevant bits below. If I have misrepresented anything, please correct it to the email address on the Stagsnet Latest News page. Some of it is rather difficult to transcribe.


Would be beneficial to have lots more practices on the pitch, so that when they play at home they know what they are doing.
Fitness levels, ballet, agility is very important.
Shocked at what been finding behind the scenes.
The activity of upstanding citizens who have been volunteering their time, very much Stags fans and come across that way, the proof says a completely different picture and I'm very upset about it.
I'm physically upset that people who have been put in a position of respect and trust, have perhaps not been . . . (did not finish sentence).
When you dig deeper, the problem is systematic across the whole club. I don't think people have been taking their responsibilities seriously with running a business. It's been slightly shocking.
The accountability before: is it negligence? Or has it been done that way . . . (did not finish sentence). The coming weeks will show everything.
It would be good if directors were kind of all on board.
We've got to put systems in place, so that we can have the capacity at the ground that we want.
And have people in place that are trustworthy, and that have the club's interest at heart.
I don't go onto the forums.
We really rely heavily on the fans. I know there's lot of different fundraising events in the community, but perhaps that doesn't come directly back to the club. And we're more than happy to support, but it's very important that we make this self-sustainable.
[Tim Morriss: I'm surprised to hear you say that about the fans groups, because I was under the understanding that the official fans groups, all the money they raise does go straight to the club.]
Um yeah, I don't know. I'm sorting through financials that haven't been looked at.
When people pay money, fans are customers, and I've been overwhelmed at the state of, on every level, whether it been down to going and buying a shirt or going through the turnstile, who are you benefiting by not being particularly honest? Because it is not the club. Self-interest has got to go out of the window from now on.



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