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3rd April 2011 0:02

It was confirmed on Saturday evening that Alan Marriott's finger was broken in the game against Rushden. Stagsnet is disappointed personally for Alan Marriott, and also for Mansfield Town.

Information on emergency loans for goalkeepers, by Martin Shaw:

Having searched the FA rules, there is nothing on emergency loans for goalkeepers:

There is nothing in the Conference handbook.

Football League rules:

If these Football League rules are the same as those that apply to us, then if all registered goalkeepers are unfit, then you can sign a further goalkeeper on emergency loan for 7 days (at a time) with medical certification. However section 52.4 clarifies that this goalkeeper could NOT be Grof as he would already have exceeeded 93 days (...UNLESS he returned to Notts County early of course! If he returned to Notts Co early, and Collett was then to get injured, Grof could return providing the total length of time at Field Mill was still less than the 93 days)

This is my reading of those rules and all this assumes that the Football League rules are the same as FA/Conference. Clearly the club will need to discuss with the FA at the earliest timepoint.

For clarity, Stags registered goalkeepers are Marriott and Collett (not Adamson), while Grof is on short term loan (maximum 93 days).

Collett has an ear/nose/throat infection, details here.


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