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15th July 2009 12:44

Owners mark anniversary with move to buy Field Mill
CHAD.co.uk, 06 July 2009, By John Lomas

STAGS' owners 'the Three Amigos' marked the first anniversary of their takeover with a meal and a drink at the weekend - and then took the first step towards buying Field Mill.


Andy Perry, Andrew Saunders and Steve Middleton bought the football club last July to end the controversial 15-year reign of Keith Halsam.

But the ground remains the property of Mr Haslam and a 10-year rent agreement was reached with a break clause after five years.

That means that if the new owners do not buy the ground outright within that first five years, then they would still owe another five years' rent to Mr Haslam, even if they bought it in the sixth year.

"It makes sense to start the ball rolling now," said chairman Mr Perry.
"All we have done is made an inital enquiry about buying the ground. We have not sat down and talked yet and no figures have been spoken about.

"That five year break points gives us an incentive to get things sorted as we would like a deal done by then."

On their anniversary of taking over, he added: "The three of us, with families and the manager, David Holdsworth, all went to No.4 Wood Street restaurant in Mansfield and had a litle celebration.

"It was a night for quiet reflection and we raised a glass to the fans and Mansfield Town Football Club. We feel we have brought the club a long way in a year.

"There are no regrets about taking over apart from wishing it wasn't in this league. That's not a slight against the Blue Square Premier. But the Football League is where we want to be."

He added: "We now feel we are getting the support from those who have sat on the fence over the last 12 months.

"No one can blame them for staying on the fence after what had gone before.

"We were being told by some local businesses that they had been burned before by the football club and were not interested which was frustrating as it felt personal. But those people are now slowly coming back.

"We have always tried to do the right thing and we are happy how thing are going.

"But things are still tight as we have lost our parachute money and we have no idea what is happening with TV money with what has happened to Setanta.

"We still need the help and support of everyone. We can't balance it all on just our three shoulders."



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