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23rd June 2008 14:24

Phillips hits back at Booth comments and calls for a Plan B
CHAD.co.uk, 16 June 2008
LOCAL solicitor and Stags fan Danny Phillips this week hit back at comments by Mansfield Town's chief executive Stephen Booth.


And he also stressed it was vital that a 'Plan B' is quickly put into place to launch a new football club for the town further down the non-League Pyramid in case Stags, under Keith Haslam, do not make the big kick-off in August.

Right now there is still no sign of a takeover and fans and local companies are joining together to boycott the club to prevent any further money reaching Keith Haslam.

Last week Stephen Booth denounced comments made by Danny Phillips who, as a possible consortium member, he said had 'revealed' details of a proposed takeover deal which Booth dismissed as 'pure conjecture'.

He also suggested, by talking about the sale price, Phillips was ignoring a confidentiality agreement over the deal.

Phillips hit back, saying: "I have no intention in getting into a 'he said-she said' debate with Stephen Booth, but his opening remarks are hardly effective.

"The 'revelations' are nothing of the sort.

"Both the Chad and Radio Mansfield confirm they were well aware of my involvement at the time. They just didn't think it was that interesting to publicise it and they were probably right.

"However, his two subsequent attempts to belittle me do require very brief answers. Both Andy Sutton and I, in our brief membership of the Derry consortium (less than a fortnight each) were never told of, presented with or given the least hint that there was a 'confidentiality agreement', let alone asked to sign one.

"No secret deal outside of our knowledge can possibly bind us. If it could I am sure Haslam would already be sueing me.

"And when it comes to the real sale price - I still state it was £400,001 - I have the documents.

"But enough of that, let's ignore Stephen's smoke screen and get back to the real issue - will there be a viable senior football club in this area?

"Andy and I still doubt that and, looking athe web sites, our fear seems to have growing support.

"I said at the Stags United meeting last Monday that we had £150,000. Since then the pledged figure is now some £300,000.

"If a purchase by a reputable buyer does not take place on sustainable terms we will be happy to join in discussing putting our monies in and any of the alleged potential buyers are welcome to get in touch.

"If, however, as we fear will be the case, there is no sensible buyer, we are actively looking for a club and ground to buy to be the basis of a 'Phoenix Club', AFC Mansfield or whatever we choose to call it.

"We will welcome any other potential investors in that venture.

"The bigger our pot, the better we can start off and the sooner we can get back into the Football League (In no way is this ignoring Stags Fans United, but if we are to be playing come this August we have to take action that a supporters'group cannot do in time).

"In the meantime we ask all fans and businesses to keep up the financial boycott.

"The statement by Booth and Egginton that any monies received will be used only to pay salaries means that you will simply be enabling Haslam to use your money to pay himself and Booth without using the million pounds or so that are in the club's bank - or should be if he hadn't lent them to himself."


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