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14th April 2008 19:45

Photos kindly sent in by Michael Norwood, Editor, Mansfield Town FansOnline.


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Video - Would-be Mansfield Town owner Batchelor escorted away from Stags' supporters' stand by police
WARNING STRONG LANGUAGE: Batchelor is escorted from the Stags fans by police and stewards

CHAD.co.uk, By John Lomas and Tim Morriss
PROSPECTIVE Mansfield Town buyer John Batchelor had to be escorted out from among Stags' supporters for his own safety during the goalless draw at Macclesfield on Saturday afternoon.

The controversial former York City boss, who suggested buying Stags and renaming them Harchester United after the fictional Sky TV Dream Team side, has angered fans since day one.

And when he was refused a ticket to the Macclesfield executive area on Mansfield Town's request, he opted to stand with the away fans on a terrace nehind a goal.

But they made it quite clear during the first half what they thought of him - through loud chanting - and eventually, to huge cheers, stewards and police escorted Batchelor into a home fans' area midway through the first half.

Last weekend Stags refused Batchelor a ticket to the home executive area and he had to pay to enter the ground but left early in the first half.

But the former York chairman still maintains hopes of buying Mansfield from Keith Haslam and said after the incident: "This still hasn't put me off buying the club."

Finally he was asked to leave the stadium on 'safety grounds' ahead of the final whistle.

Macclesfield chief executive Patrick Nelson said that Mr Batchelor had contacted the club on Thursday asking for a seat in hospitality. They informed him the area was full, but suspected he was after a boardroom pass and phoned Field Mill to see if Mr Batchelor was with them.

They told Macclesfield a categoric 'no' and so he decided to buy a ticket for the away terrace.

Batchelor later told Chad: "I couldn't get into the ground through any other means. I was quite prepared to pay for a hospitality ticket, but was refused.

"What else was I supposed to do? I am trying to buy this football club and so I wanted to watch what is happening on the pitch.

"I didn't feel particularly threatened and when fans chanted against me, I said they should be directing their concentration towards the players and leave protests about me until half-time and full-time.

"But the police said it was becoming a problem and decided to step in."

Stags chief executive Stephen Booth was not at the match and when informed of the incident told Chad: "This is not doing the players any good at all, and that is where the focus must be. We have three games left and still have every chance of saving ourselves.

"That is what everybody should be talking about and concentrating on.

"I do not think anything is going to happen in the next few weeks in terms of a sale of the club.

"There is no credible bid, that I am aware of, that has a chance of being completed before the end of the season.

"I have made my position on John Batchelor quite clear. I have no interest in the man, I don't speak to him. I do not think he is the right person for Mansfield Town and I have not seen any bid from him.

"But I suppose that if was to come up with some actual money at some point, then the club would have to listen to him."


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