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Archived News from April 2008

15th April 2008 17:28

Stags chief executive promises to reveal all on takeover . . . . when deal is done
CHAD.CO.UK, 7 Apr 2008, By Tim Morriss
STAGS chief executive Stephen Booth has promised to give a definitive version of the takeover saga at Field Mill - and also hit out at supporters who abused him.
Mr Booth, brokering a deal to sell the football club, promises on the takeover: "The truth will out."

Writing in Saturday's matchday programme for the game against Barnet, he said: "Much has been said and written about the various take-over 'offers'.

"I have, by and large, kept my own counsel as I believe all of the focus should now be on the performance on the pitch. All I am willing to say at present is:

"Keith Haslam has not reneged on any deal whilst I have been at the club.

" Once this is all over I will release a definitive version of events in recent months - the truth will out.

Full story here

"Until then I will make no further comment."

The protracted takeover at the club has dragged on for almost 18 months, with expressions of interest, bids and deals all falling down over that time.

Currently John Batchelor is pressing his case for a proposed deal to be accepted by owner Keith Haslam, but on Saturday the chief executive dismissed Batchelor's claims of a Monday meeting with the owner.

The chief executive also explained why he would not be going int the supporters bar, the X Bar, before the Barnet match.

He added:"I will also not be attending the X Bar before today's game as a direct result of the abuse I received before the Wrexham game.

"I have always made a point of going to the X Bar before games to give fans the opportunity to question me on topics of interest to them but, on Tuesday, I was subject to verbal abuse and when I attempted to engage this minorityin a discussion, they merely shouted and walked away.

"Who says that debating skills aren't what they used to be? Perhaps this is a further indication of a small but very vocal minority drowning out the vast majority of reasonable thinking fans who merely want the best for the club."

He later told Chad that he would reconsider his decision to go to the X Bar at future matches, but wanted the focus to be on the five remaining matches and the chance'to rescue the season'.

He said: "I felt very threatened. I must emphasise it was from a small minority of fans, but there was real verbal abuse.

"It is very disappointing and a great shame. I have made the effort to go into the bar to meet the supporters as I physically cannot go onto the terraces. I have been prepared to discuss anything and have always tried to be open and willing to talk to anyone. This is how I am repaid."


Stags fans urged to take part in special Stags 103.2 radio phone-in
CHAD.CO.UK, 7 Apr 2008
MANSFIELD radio station 103.2 is holding a special phone-in on Wednesday to talk about the current turmoil off the pitch at Mansfield Town FC.
Fans are being urged to call in with their questions to a panel of guests during the show, 1-2pm.

It is hoped that the panel will include guests from the club, fans groups and the media.


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