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5th April 2002 11:39

Michael Sisson Injury Update
The unfortunate Michael Sisson has been hit by injury yet again. Sisson who made a brief return to play after an operation earlier this year has been struck down yet again:
Club Physio Barry Statham explains:
“Eight weeks after the initial reconstruction of Michael's Knee where he sustained the anterior cruciate ligament rupture he developed what is called 'a Cyclops lesion' that is a lot of fibrous tissue”.
Some of this fibrous tissue had integrated it self into the tendon which had been grafted into the knee. The extent of the integration couldn't be anticipated at first.
Gradually over a period of time during his rehabilitation unknowing to Michael the fibrous tissue has been establishing it self to the Tendon and with it not getting a regular blood supply the tissue gradually starts to break away.
Statham added “ You have no idea that it is happening because there is no swelling, and as it's breaking away it is weakening the tendon, so after playing 5 or six games of 90 mins Michael came to see me complaining of a pain in the knee. When I checked the knee it was showing all the signs of a lateral cartilage tear”
Sisson was immediately referred for inspection at the doctors surgery where Barry Statham's initial fears were confirmed, that the tissue that was breaking away had slightly calcified forming a small bone which in turn caused the tear. Young Sisson underwent the operation to remove the offending object and is due to under go a second operation to transplant some good tendon tissue from his good leg into the damaged leg. This is a routine operation, but will unfortunately put Michael out of action for six to seven months, so we are hoping to see him return for duty sometime in October.
All our thoughts are with Michael at this time, Good luck and get well soon Michael.


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