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24th March 2008 10:14



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Don't underestimate Mansfield - Alan Knill
Posted on: Sun 23 Mar 2008
"I'm not a fan of two games in three days because clubs at this level have such small squads.With the greatest respect, but it's ok for clubs in the championship and the premiership, but when you are coming down the league's, it's ridiculous.You only need two injuries to major players and it becomes really difficult, but if you don't then you are ok plus if you win both games, it shoots you up the league.I'd prefer not to play two games in three days but there is nothing you can do about it so we get on with it."

"Mansfield Town are a good side.Everybody will have looked at the league table and will have assumed that we will go out on Monday and beat them, but there is nothing to say that we will.It's simply eleven v eleven and on their day they are as good as anybody and on our day, we are as good as anybody.It's a tough day and I don't think you should get carried away with league position."

"Paul Holland has been caretaker manager before and I know Dutch really well. I have to say though, I'm gutted for Billy Dearden.I know him really well and he's a real football guy because its a pretty tough job at Mansfield, there is lots going on apart from the trouble on the pitch and the manager, coaching staff and the players have no control over.These things happen, it's happened to me and it will happen to plenty more in the future."

"They are a good side, they were a good side when Billy was there and they are still a good side.Dutch will have them ready and up for the game on Monday, that's for sure.Being at home should make a difference, but they have won more games away from home.You'd like to think it would be different because we are the home side, we have two wins on the trot at home and we played pretty well in both games."

"It's unbelievable that teams in this league are winning more games away from home. I don't know why.At home you have to come out and play, away from home you can sit in a little bit and let the opposition force it and catch them on the break. There is a lot of pressure at home because the expectation at all the clubs is higher and sometimes that can generate to the players and they probably don't play with as much freedom at home."

"With the two international players, it took a bit of begging and a bit of just asking the question, but first of all it's ridiculous that you have to lose players on Easter Monday.Graham Turner was talking about it, they have Dan Gleeson on loan from Wolves and he's going away.So whoever looks at the fixtures and decided to put an international game there on Easter Monday, and it takes your best players away.Usually if they are international players, they are pretty decent, it's ridiculous, but to be fair to both federations, I put my case and told them about the game and the importance of it and where we are in the league, and they have been really good about it."

"The good thing for me, and for both players is that they both wanted to stay and play.They both told me that they wanted to stay here and play the game.That's massive coming from the players themselves.It's difficult because you want your players to be international players.It's good for the football club and it's good for the player.They know the priority and the priority is for us to stay in the league so they have put the club before themselves which is great for us."

"I'm surprised that Nicky Adams wasn't called up because he's been playing pretty well since I came here. Wales have a big game coming up and I have seen the squad that Brian Flynn has selected and he does have a strong squad with some decent players there."


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