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16th March 2008 21:59

Holland to stay in charge for the weekend
By Tim Morriss, CHAD.co.uk, 12Mar2008
CARETAKER boss Paul Holland will remain in charge of the Stags for Saturday's trip to Bradford.
The club announced the move this morning after previously saying a decision on a new manager would be installed after interviews on Thursday.

Holland and ex-player Billy McEwan appear to be the front runners for the post after Billy Dearden's departure on Saturday - though upto four candidates will be shortlisted for an interview on Thursday.

Chief executive Stephen Booth today told mansfieldtown.net on Wednesday morning: "The search and selection for a new manager is continuing.

"We hope to conduct interviews over the next 48 hours. Regardless of the outcome, Paul Holland will remain in temporary charge for the away match versus Bradford on Saturday."

Full story at CHAD website: here

Mr Booth added: "I was very pleased with the level of committment, skill and passion shown last night from our players. I was disappointed that we lost, but with a little more luck we could have obtained a result."

After Tuesday's 1-0 home defeat to Hereford, Holland told Chad: "Stephen (Booth) has been very positive, said I am in pole position because I am in charge at the moment.

"But I know full well this a results based industry and I will be judged on that.

"I have been given licence to go out and bring in people to the club and I am looking at players and making calls.

"I want to be in charge, the players backed me tonight, but now it is upto the powers-that-be."

And on Wednesday morning Mr Booth backed his caretaker boss, saying he would look at any requests for new players immediately.

He told Chad: "Paul did himself no harm last night at all. The performance was excellent and a huge improvement from Saturday, which is what we wanted, of course.

"Leaving him in charge for Saturday was always going to be the case regardless of whoever we appoint.

"There would not have been enough time for someone to be appointed after the interviews on Thursdays and then make an impact before Saturday.

"But we hope to make a decision on the new manager this week."

Mr Booth also praised the fans for their vocal support against Hereford.

He added: "They were small in number, but that was always going to be the case after Saturday.

"But there was plenty of positive supporting and applauding the players off the pitch at the end was a massive change from Saturday."


Manager for stags by end of week?
Evening Post, 12 Mar 2008
Mansfield are drawing up a shortlist of "three or four" contenders from which they hope to appoint a new manager before the end of the week.

Chief executive Stephen Booth expects to finalise that list today, interview candidates tomorrow and, if all goes well, have the new man in place for Saturday's trip to Bradford.

Caretaker boss Paul Holland will be on that list. It is understood former York City boss Billy McEwan is too.

"I'm putting together the shortlist at the moment and I don't think it will extend beyond three or four," said Booth. "Paul is on the list and the Hereford game was very much a chance for him to show his credentials.

"There has been a reasonable amount of interest in the job in terms of applicants, but it has to be borne in mind the League position and predicament Mansfield are in.

Full story here

"Among that interest there are some good quality people, which is very encouraging.

"But we are also pursuing people ourselves who we are interested in."

Holland has intimated he wants to make immediate changes to the squad - whether or not he is around in the long-term to make use of those new faces. Booth has given the green light for that to happen - so long as it falls in line with the club's budget.

He said: "We have only got 11 games left after last night, which is less than a quarter of the season, so we need to move quickly.

"I had a chat with Paul and I have listened to some of his ideas. I have got no problem with him bringing people in, so long as they are the right people. I will obviously not interfere on the footballing side and I don't identify targets - that's not my area of expertise.

"My role is to ensure both from an overall position and in each specific case that any deal makes financial sense."


International coach wanted Stags job
Shortlist of 4 to be interviewed on Thursday
CHAD.co.uk, 12Mar2008

STAGS have turned down a surprise approach from an ex-international coach and player to be the new Mansfield Town boss.
The would-be Field Mill manager has no experience of English football and chief executive Stephen Booth told Chad on Tuesday afternoon it 'would have been too much of a gamble'.

He told Chad: "I am not prepared to mention any names over the managerial candidates situation, other than Paul Holland of course, but this enquiry was a surprise.

Full story at CHAD website:here

"He is an ex-international coach and, indeed, an ex-international player . . . and on another day we might have gone further with this.

"But he has no experience of managing in England and at this stage, with just seven weeks left in the season and the club in a relegation dogfight, it would have been too much of a gamble.

"I did consider the approach very seriously, but it was not for this time."

Former Stags player Billy McEwan and caretaker boss Paul Holland appear to be the front runners for the role. Chad understands that the club has already spoken to McEwan - and can reveal that the the star of the 1977 Division III title winning side was also on their wanted list following the sacking of Peter Shirtliff late in 2006.

But on that occasion his club, York City, rebuffed the approach. However, McEwan, who saved York from relegation from the Conference and turned the side into play-off challengers, is now a free agent.

Mr Booth says he is continuing to speak to various people over the vacancy, has ruled certain applicants out already and will draw up a shortlist of upto four candidates in the next 24 hours.

They will then be interviewed on Thursday and a decision made ahead of Saturday's trip to Bradford. Holland will definitely be one of those interviewed for the role.

When told that some fans would see his appointment as 'the cheap option', Mr Booth replied: "We will appoint the best candidate on merit. He has to be an individual who knows the league and has experience of the sort of predicament we are in. He has to know who he wants to bring in (loan players) straight away so that we can look at this immediately."

And responding to comments by departing manager Billy Dearden that there would have been no managerial change if the club's away and home records had been reversed, Booth added: "There is no doubt that form dominates fans' perception, away form is seen as a bonus.

"In an ideal world Billy (Dearden) would still be here, but it was just not working."


Chief Executive's programme notes
11 March 2008
By Stephen Booth
Saturday was a very difficult day - one of the most difficult of my business life.

Billy Dearden has been an excellent servant to Mansfield Town for a number of years and he is a true gentleman.Unfortunately recent results of late, culminating the performance on Saturday led me to the inevitable conclusion that if we were going to preserve our league status - a change was required.

This was a not a knee jerk reaction, but was the culmination of events over a number of weeks and is, in my opinion, the right way forward for the Football Club.

Full story here

As you are aware, Paul Holland has been placed in temporary control and has my full backing.We are very fortunate that Paul has a long history with the club, and with the younger players, in particular.

I am sure he will do his utmost to motivate the team both in advance of and during tonight's game.

It is vitally important that whatever decision is made regarding the manager for the remainder of the season, that we get the right individual.To that end, I am seeing a number of potential candidates but will not be rushed into making a decision.It is a classic case of more speed, less haste.

Paul, of course, remains a candidate and a good performance this evening will do his prospects no harm.

On the takeover front, things continue to progress and I will be consulting with prospective buyers regarding any appointment, but would emphasise that the final decision will be mine and mine alone.

I am not, however, arrogant enough to believe that I should make this decision in isolation and will be consulting with various parties to ensure, as soon as possible, that the appointment is the right one for Mansfield Town Football Club.

I am sure all of you have views as to the strengths and weaknesses of the current squad.There can be little doubt that recent away performances suggest that the team is capable of far more than it is currently achieving.

Ultimately, however, it is points rather than ability that counts and we must strive to reverse the recent trend in home form, whilst maintaining our impressive away form.

No one likes change but sometimes, change is inevitable and I would like to urge you all to get behind the team tonight and provide that 12th man.

Once again, my thanks to Billy and on behalf of all associated with the club I wish him all the best for the future.



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