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4th March 2008 21:08

1 March 2008

Radio Nottingham interview with Stephen Booth at 1.45pm on Saturday said the club was almost sold on Friday but consortium pulled out due a finance issue, which could be resolved by Monday.
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Stags takeover almost happened on Friday
CHAD.co.uk, by Tim Morriss, 1 March 2008

MANSFIELD Town was almost sold on Friday to a group of businessmen.
But the completion of the deal fell through at the last minute when one of the group's backers pulled out - just a few hours before agreements were due to be signed with Stags' owner Keith Haslam.

However, the takeover offer has not totally collapsed and there is still hope that a deal will go through in the near future to end almost 18 months of ownership uncertainty at Field Mill.

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Stags chief executive Stephen Booth – brought in by Mr Haslam in December to find a buyer and run the club after a James Derry consortium takeover offer was rejected - revealed on Saturday that the sale of the football club had been 98% completed before the last-minute hitch.

He told Chad: "There is goodwill on both sides and we had basically reached an agreement that suited both sides.

"We all hoped it would be done, but then one of the backers decided that the deal was not for them, for whatever reason.

"But I want to stress that does not mean the deal is dead at all. On the contrary, it is still very much alive and it is a matter now for those who tabled the bid to regroup.

"There are people genuinely interested and we were very, very close to signing a deal. 98% of what needed to be done had been done.

"Really it was just a question of dotting the Is and crossing the Ts when this broke down.

"But just because the deal was not completed on Friday, as we had hoped, does not mean it will not go ahead at all.

"We are still talking to the people concerned. They are still very keen to move forward, dependant on the funds being available.

"It is very disappointing for all concerned, particularly for the bidders. They were devastated by what happened.

"But the fact a deal could not be completed on Friday was not because of anything that Mansfield did or did not do."


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