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22nd October 2007 23:30

21 Oct 2007

From http://www.teammansfield.co.uk

The TEAM Mansfield Board met with James Derry, John Thorpe and Ian Randall on Saturday morning (20th October 2007), during a TM Board meeting.

It was a very constructive and encouraging meeting.

During the meeting it became very clear to TM that Mr Derry has started the work to create a team of competent executives who, with the support of the local community, the business community and the local council, will be able to move Mansfield Town football club forward from the poor situation it finds itself in, both on and off the playing field.

TM were pleased that Mr Derry wants his running of the club to be transparent and conducted with integrity, commencing with the commitment to communicate to TM the formula for his purchase of the football club, as soon as agreed with Mr Haslam.

It is clear to TM that difficulties lie ahead in completing the purchase transaction and TM for our part are still very concerned about how Mr Haslam expects to transact the sale of MTFC Ltd whilst removing its major asset from the company, Field Mill. It remains TM's belief that Mr Haslam's suggested formula for the transaction will be difficult to complete.

It was refreshing to hear Mr Derry's commitment to installing a properly constituted board at the football club, immediately after the takeover has been completed. TM has been lobbying for this for many years and are delighted that Mr Derry sees this as a priority, to ensure the club is run professionally and with proper corporate governance.

Whilst at a very early stage of discussions, TM believe that Mr Derry and his executive team offer exactly the type of vision and leadership needed to take our football club forward. They left us in no doubt that they are eager to start making the much needed changes at the club as soon as the takeover will allow.

TM are particularly pleased that Mr Derry and his new team recognise the need to embrace the real involvement and concerns of Stags supporters, as part of their vision for the club's future. To that end Mr Derry has committed to positively embrace the supporters organisations and has agreed to meet at least monthly with TM.

As a result of this successful meeting, TM offered Mr Derry and his directors its support, and are keen to assist in whatever way it can to help move the club forward.

TM would like to thank Mr Derry and his new executive team for their openness during the meeting and their commitment to ongoing consultation; and is delighted they have agreed to attend the fans forum immediately after the TM and SSA AGMs which will take place on Monday 29th October in the X Bar at 7pm.

Meanwhile, James Derry told CHAD.co.uk he was very pleased with the discussions: "The meeting was very constructive and I was very pleased to meet them. We are looking forward to working with the fans over the coming months. We need to get the fans back to Field Mill. We listened to what they had to say. We just need to get the takeover completed as quickly as possible, but they understood that these things take time and that there are one or two stumbling blocks to sort out."


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