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7th April 2007 0:03

Candidates announced for Mansfield elections
CHAD website, 04 April 2007

MANSFIELD District Council has announced its full list of candidates standing for election on 3rd May –– and confirmed the five contenders for the role of mayor.

These include Aaron Beattie (Conservative), Phillip Burman (Lib Dem) and Mary Button (Green) –– who are all also standing for district councillor roles –– as well as current mayor Tony Egginton (Independent Forum) and Mansfield MP Alan Meale (Labour).

The candidates standing for election to Mansfield District Council, by ward, are:

Birklands – Peter Crawford (Labour); Paul Davies (Independent); Anthony Heald (Independent Forum); Vic Jennings (Labour); Bev Lilley* (Independent Forum); Andy Wetton* (Labour).
Meden – Mark Etches (Independent Forum); David Harrison (Labour); John Kerr (Labour); Sheila Shields* (Labour).
Robin Hood - Dorothy Beastall* (Labour); Derek Birkin* (Labour); Ann Edwards (Independent Forum); Ann Norman (Labour).
Sherwood - Barry Answer* (Independent Forum); Ralph Barker (Labour); Norman Cook* (Independent Forum); Julia Yemm (Labour).
Priory Ward - Philip Burman (Lib Dem); Peter Cooke* (Lib Dem); Karen Etches (Independent Forum); Michael Gallagher (Labour); Josie McMahon (Labour).
Leeming Ward - Sharron Adey (Labour); Veronica Goddard (Lib Dem); Deborah Johnson (Labour); Phil Smith* (Lib Dem); Jill Usher* (Lib Dem).
Forest Town West - Mick Barton* (Independent Forum); Keith Beastall* (Labour); Paul Frost (Green); Rebecca Heywood (Lib Dem); Marc Hollingworth (Lib Dem); Stuart Hosker (Lib Dem); Gus Lohan (Labour); Muriel Ragis (Conservative); Alistair Windeatt* (Labour).
Forest Town East - Denice Davis (Independent Forum); Heather Henshaw* (Independent Forum); Richard Robinson (Labour); Stephen Yemm (Labour).
Oak Tree - Bob Cross* (Independent Forum); Les Duborg (Labour); Ted Dubowski (Independent Forum); Alan Fell* (Independent Forum); Kevin Pieczka (Labour); John Smart (Labour).
Lindhurst - Aaron Beattie (Conservative); Helen Holt (Labour); Michael Knight (Green); Ian Mackenzie (Conservative); Stewart Rickersey* (Independent); Roger Sutcliffe* (Independent Forum); Chris Winterton (Labour).
Berry Hill - Mark Adams (Labour); Kate Allsop* (Independent Forum); Nicholas Bennett (Conservative); Brian Marshall (Conservative); Phil Moss (Conservative); Roy Smith (Labour); Andrew Tristram (Independent Forum).
Eakring - John Barsby* (Labour); Vic Bobo (Independent Forum); Mick Bull (Green); Mary Button (Green); Mike Comerford (Green); Bill Drewett (Independent Forum); Stephen Garner (Independent Forum); Malcolm Sage* (Labour); Robert Salmon* (Labour; also known as Sam).
Ravensdale - Sue Biddle* (Independent); Albert Haynes (Labour); Andrea Oswin (Labour); Josie Poismans-Booth (Independent Forum); Christine Smith* (Independent Forum);
Portland - Tom Appleby* (Independent Forum); Julie Davis (Independent Forum); Barbara Nestor* (Labour); Philip Oldknow (Labour).
Ladybrook - David Brown (Independent Forum); Sally Higgins (Labour); Michael Revill (Independent Forum); Stuart Richardson (Labour).
Grange Farm - Terry Clary (Labour); Ron Jelley* (Independent Forum); Sylvia McCrum (Labour); June Stendall* (Independent Forum).
Cumberlands - John Milnes (Labour); David Smith (Independent Forum); John White (Labour); Linda Wilkinson* (Independent Forum).
Broomhill - Tony Delahunty (Labour); Jeanette Haynes (Labour); Danny McCrossan* (Independent Forum); Eddie Smith* (Independent Forum).
Pleasley Hill - Ellen Colley (Labour); Mick Colley* (Labour); Andy Perry (Independent Forum); Martin Wright (Independent Forum).

* Denotes existing councillor.


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