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23rd August 2006 22:25

Fire scare at Field Mill
CHAD website, 23 August 2006

MANSFIELD Town's condemned Bishop Street stand escaped a possible fire following a routine inspection by the county's Safety Advisory Group before the pre-season friendly with Derby County last month.
Two electric fires and an electric monitor were found to be switched on in the old board room in that stand when the nailed-up door to the room was forced open.
The room was red hot and one of the cables on one of the fires had already melted with the heat.
Stags' safety officer John Sidney said: "There was no danger to the public as that stand is condemned and no unauthorised personnel are allowed in.
"That room is boarded up and nailed up. But we do get itinerants or whoever breaking in over there through the corrugated iron at the back.
"The fires and monitor probably belonged to the club and whoever had been in there had left them on. We don't know how long they had been on for - possibly weeks or even months. We can't really say.
"But we have now cleared everything out of there and isolated the electric to the room, though we do have to maintain some electric over there for inspections and the CCTV on the front of the stand.
"The Fire Officer inspected the stand only a few days before but that door was nailed up. But the Safety Advisory Group needed access to inspect the structure of the stand and it was only discovered then."


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