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28th May 2006 22:39

CHAD website, 25 May 2006
STAGS boss Peter Shirtliff was back at Field Mill today after a
post-season holiday in which transfer activity was never far away.
"I don't know about refreshed," he smiled.
"My phone just kept going and my wife had the hump because of it.
"It is difficult to switch off and I am happy to be back."
Shirtliff confirmed he was in contact with a couple of more experienced
players as well as a 16-year-old hot striker prospect.
"I am speaking to players," he said. "But it is difficult right now as
agents are telling their players not to sign anything and keep their
options open which I can understand but which is very frustrating for
One player he confirmed he had looked at was Rotherham United midfielder
Andy Monkhouse, but said: "We did enquire about Andy but at the moment he
is speaking to other clubs.
"We are hoping to sign a young striker when he has finished his exams. He
is potentially a very good player and when we spoke to his parents they
were impressed by how young our team is and the fact that he has every
chance of playing in the first team if he does well here."
On the contracts offered to exisiting players he added: "I think they all
want to stay.
"The senior players have indicated they want to stay and those aged under
24 would require a fee to move on anyway.
"But I think, with the odd tweak here and there, everyone will sign the
contracts offered."
There is work going on in the Field Mill dressing rooms and corridors
right now and Shirtliff said: "We have one or two cosmetic things going on
to make the place look more pleasant which helps.
"Your working environment is important. We are also trying to finalise
training facilities for pre-season and throughout the season."

There has been a number of rumours circulating recently that have linked
Peter Shirtliff to moves to another a club and mentioning his targets for
next season at Mansfield. Putting pay to the rumours Shirtliff said:
"I didn't realise I was going to Norwich until I was told this morning
that this is what is being said. I shall have to speak to Nigel
(Worthington) and ask him why he hasn't told me."


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