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23rd April 2006 18:50

Audio interview with Peter Shirtliff from Mansfield 103.2: listen here
Audio interview with Peter Shirtliff from BBC Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed) http://www.bbc.co.uk/nottingham/realmedia/football/2006/stags_carlisle_home_manager.ram
Stags Boss Peter Shirtliff On Yesterday

Story by Thetashkentterror 23 April 2006

"Alright the players are disappointed with conceding a late goal but we could have wrapped it up before that, 2-0 up and the game could have been all over."

Mansfield boss Peter Shirtliff spoke to BBC Radio Nottingham on Saturday evening as he gave his thoughts on the 1-1 draw against Carlisle United at Field Mill. Shirtliff talking about the need to add some experience to his team over the summer :

" Technically it wasn't the best game but you get that in this division. Having said that I thought that in the second-half we played some decent stuff. When we had time and got the ball down and passed it I thought we looked good. You've got to fight for that right to be able to play though and we did that better. We're a decent side, we need a little bit of experience but we'll be OK.

" They've done well, they work hard, they're a good unit, they know what they are doing and they have got quite a lot of experience through the side, a lot more experience than we have got. Infact their assistant manager, Dennis Booth, said to me after the game, that he thought our kids did really well, and he said "kids", so it's obvious that they think we have got a young side. We have got a young side and I need a little bit of experience just to help the kids along.

" Jason White is a good goalkeeper, he's 6'3, he kicks it well, he's got good hands and he's got all the makings of being a good keeper, what he needs now is to be playing games. Nathan Arnold is doing well, he'll probably start at Bury on Saturday and caused problems here today against a back four that are top of the League so that augurs well for the future.

" This is a performance we can build on for the future. Alright the players are disappointed with conceding a late goal but we could have wrapped it up before that, 2-0 up and the game could have been all over. Carlisle, credit to them, they stuck at it and they got the break at the end. "
Simmo's Reaction To United's Promotion

Story by Thetashkentterror 23 April 2006

"It's a fantastic day for us, it's a reward for two and a half years of hard work from everybody concerned with the club, and this is what we all want."

Simmo speaks
Carlisle manager Paul Simpson spoke to BBC Radio Cumbria's Derek Lacey on Saturday evening as he gave his thoughts on the 1-1 draw away to Mansfield Town at Field Mill. The point means the Blues are in League One after achieving a second successive promotion just two years after being relegated to the Conference :

" It's incredible, it's a wonderful day. It was a horrible, horrible game of football as far as we are concerned. We came here to get a result to get us promoted though and we've got the point. I don't care how we've got it because I haven't got a clue how that ball went in at the end. I think everybody just wished it in, all those brilliant fans behind the goal wished it in.

"We've got our reward, we really can enjoy it, only for a couple of days though, because we now need to get ourselves started again because we want to finish top. Torquay next week is the only thing that is on our minds now. We're going to enjoy the moment now, we have to enjoy the moment now, but we've got to make sure that we are ready to go again.

" I don't want to go home, I want to stay out here with the fans. I've got to go and find my two sons who are in amongst that lot somewhere, so I've no idea where they are but I'm going to go and try to find them. It's a fantastic day for us, it's a reward for two and a half years of hard work from everybody concerned with the club, and this is what we all want.

" It's what we all wanted, it's what my family wanted and it's what all of these supporters wanted. This tops everything that we've done so far, I think this is a huge achievement for us, it really is. Nobody would have even been stupid enough to have said this two years ago but we've all worked hard and we're absolutely delighted, you can see what it means to everybody.

" We had to throw everybody forward, we wanted a result today. We weren't desperate, it wasn't the last game of the season but tomorrow never comes, you've got to go and try and grab it today. We had to do on it Monday against Notts County, they've shown character, we haven't shown today what a good football team we are but over the other 42 games I think we have. We've got to just keep going and keep plugging away for these last few now.

" We've got about 12 or 13 weeks before we start worrying about what comes after this. We'll have to come back down for next Saturday though, we want to, we want to be right for next Saturday. We can enjoy this, we can be professional about it but we'll make the most of this opportunity."
Stags manager Peter Shirtliff said: "I was very pleased with my lads - they applied themselves very well and on another day we would have won the game.
"Young Jason White did well in goal and he was a bit unlucky to concede so late. It was only right to give him a game today and he did well.
"Carlisle just threw players forward in the hope of getting a goal.
"We could have wrapped it up just before they scored when Nathan Arnold showed a bit of inexperience and shot over.
"But Carlisle have done well and all credit to them.
"Paul Simpson has done a good job and he can be very pleased with his players as I am with mine in the way they hauled themselves out of the relegation mire."

Carlisle boss Paul Simpson commented:

"It's a wonderful day. It was a horrible game of football as far as we were concerned. We came to get the result that would get us promoted and we got that. I don't know how the ball went in at the end. I think all our fans were wishing it to go in.

"Now we need to get ourselves straight again after a couple of days because we want to make sure that we finish top. But we are going to enjoy the moment."

Second to none
Midfielder Adam Murray is having a great season as he works away in the Carlisle United engine room of midfield, and we thought that it must have been a bit special to get the point we needed to confirm promotion at his old club, Mansfield Town.

He confirmed, "it is good to do it here, I must admit, because I've always had a good relationship with the Mansfield fans. I had some really enjoyable times with this club but it's all about Carlisle United now, and I'm really happy to be part of a team and set up like this one. It's second to none at the moment."

"In the dressing room before the game I felt it was the first time that nerves had really got to us," he explained, "and I thought we were very poor in the second half. We've ended up doing it the hard way but, I suppose, the important thing is that we have got there and that we are promoted."

As to whether the players can relax a bit now he said, "I suppose we can, in a way, but we want the Championship. We will still be working hard and pushing on for that. Promotion was the main aim at the start of the season though, and we've achieved that, but now we are in a good position to go up as champions. I don't think I need to tell you that we all want that as well."

"I've enjoyed this season alot," he added, "even though it's been frustrating for me, at times. I've never been dropped, but I've missed pieces of the season with illness or injury and, obviously, I want to play in every game. That's just the way it goes in this game, sometimes, but you just keep pluggiing away, and it's all been worthwhile for all of us in the end because we have brought ourselves another promotion. If you look at those fans, and listen to the racket they are making, that's what it's all about. It means everything to them, and to us, so I really do hope that we can push on and get the championship for them as well."


Everybody deserves this
Our very own Hitman now has 22 League goals to his name for the season, but it can be argued that none have been as important as the 92nd minute winner from yesterday.

It will be described for many months to come as ' the goal that took us up' and, more significantly, it brought to an end a frustrating run of 5 games without a goal for the League Two Player of the Year.

We managed to cut in to the post match celebrations at Mansfield to get a bit of reaction from the man himself. He told us, "it's the first one I've scored in four or five games, but I keep getting in there and giving it a go. I was delighted when I saw that one hit the back of the net and I can say that it is definitely the most important goal I've ever scored. I can't say much more than that, really, I'm just delighted."

"We've done it, we're up," he added, "and it's a great feeling right now, fantastic. It's been wonderful for us all to celebrate on the pitch in front of our fans, because they have been fantastic. They've been with us right through the season and today I think we've got more fans than Mansfield have. They were certainly the loudest and really got behind us, and we managed to get the goal for them. We're up, I can't believe it, it's fantastic!!"

On the game itself he said, "it was just as tough as we expected. No team is just going to roll over and let you get promoted, especially not at their ground. They will have wanted to spoil the party and, I'll be honest, I thought they had. It was fairly frustrating because the ball wouldn't drop for us, but we kept going in the same way that we have all season."

"Obviously we want to be champions," he continued, "but in a way that is more a bonus. It was more important that we got ourselves promoted. If you had asked any Carlisle fan at the beginning of the season if we'd do this well, I'm willing to bet that alot of them would have hoped it would be a good season but not many of them would have expected this. In the dressing room, we always knew we could do well this season. It's still a great feeling when something like this happens though. We've come back in to the Football League and we've shown everybody that this is no accident that we're here. We've made this season our own through hard work and I think everyone connected to the club in any way deserves this. It's just absolutely fantastic."


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