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16th April 2006 22:20


KBA Community March on Easter Monday

The Keep Barnet Alive movement is calling on all Barnet FC supporters - plus any group or taxpayers disaffected by Barnet Council on any issue - to take part in a community march from Underhill on East Monday after the home game against Mansfield Town.

The KBA message is: "Do you want a council that listens to you? Then make your voice heard".

Around 1,000 anticipated marchers will assemble outside the Westcombe Drive turnstiles at Underhill Stadium at 5 p.m. on Monday. The march will proceed up Barnet Hill, then via the High Street, Wood Street, Stapleton Road, St Albans Road, returning via the High Street and Barnet Hill for a community rally and speeches.

The march, to highlight the KBA objective of a supportive council after next month's council elections to get a new stadium and better facilities, replaces one from Copthall Stadium to the town hall, Hendon, that had to be called off at the 11th hour.

Barnet Council said that the marchers could not legally allow the use of council property "for political purposes" during the pre-election campaign and the police had reservations about the marchers using the A1 Great North Way.

The KBA issue is the survival of Barnet FC, but the march organisers feel that this is only one of a number of issues on which they feel that Barnet residents are being ignored.

"We have spent the last four years talking to a council that does not listen", said a KBA spokesperson. "And we know that we are not the only ones. If you feel you have been ignored on any issue, and you want to make your voice heard, please march with us."
The supporters' group, which is independent of Barnet FC, has publicised the march via a full-page advertisement in the Times group newspapers this week.

The KBA bicycle ride to Oxford, starting from Underhill at 9 a.m. on Good Friday, has already generated plenty of publicity for the cause in newspapers and on the radio. Sky cameras will be at the ground when former Arsenal double-winning captain Frank McLintock see off the riders, led by Gerry Bates, a Barnet supporter for quarter of a century in the guise of Bumble Bee.


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