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11th February 2006 10:22

CHAD, 8th February 2006


Pledges wanted as TM battle against time
CHAD, 08 February 2006

Mansfield Town supporters have been offered ways to pledge their backing as TEAM Mansfield battle to hit chairman Keith Haslam's 21-day deadline to make a serious bid for the club.
Mr Haslam called a surprise meeting with supporters' campaigning group TEAM Mansfield on Friday afternoon when he told them that, although he didn't want to sell, they could make him an offer.
He also showed them legal documentation that showed he had paid back his controversial personal loans from the club - another major bone of contention with fans.
Saturday's planned rally at Mansfield Civic Centre, which was to get supporters behind TEAM Mansfield, still went ahead, followed by a march of over 500 fans to Field Mill before the Macclesfield Town game.
But the focus of the rally quickly changed as TEAM Mansfield called on fans to show their backing.
TEAM Mansfield decided the best way to quickly move forward is to establish how much money can be raised for such a bid and have set up a number of ways that pledges can be made - please include contact details - which are:

Phone: 01773 521896
Fax: 01623 656525
Email: pledge@teammansfield.co.uk

Joint chairman Jeff Barnes told Chad: "TEAM Mansfield also urgently need to make contact with companies and private individuals who would be keen to become involved in putting together a bid.
"Given the urgency of the situation TEAM Mansfield would ask such people to please contact them at the numbers given.
"This is an excellent opportunity for MTFC to become a true community club owned by its fans.
"We are perhaps at the best point for some time where a change of regime at Field Mill could be achieved but the clock is ticking and speed is of the essence!"

Club sponsor in buy-out bid
CHAD, 08 February 2006

CLUB sponsor Andy Perry has expressed an interest in buying Mansfield Town.
Chairman Keith Haslam confirmed the interest, saying: "I have not had an offer as such from Andy. One of his advisors wrote to me with an expression of interest, substantiating Andy's position.
"That's where it is. I don't classify it as a bid. I have discussed it with him and he has gone back to talk about it. I am not in the process of having a bidding war."
Mr Perry confirmed that was the current position, but said: "I presented Keith with an inital offer.
"That is as fas as we have gone. Keith would want to know how I was going to finance the deal and over what period of time.
"We are now working on those details. This is an offer from me, not Perry Electrical, though I would obtain the finance on the back of the company."
Some fans have speculated on a joint bid from Mr Perry and TEAM Mansfield. But he said that would not be the case.
"I would be quite happy to sit down and talk to them," he said. "But, with any bid I made I would want to be the person heading it.
"I would feel more confident with what I have to offer.
"The whole thing is so much in its infancy that it is difficult to talk about. I would get involved with TEAM Mansfield but not necessarily bidding as a joint venture.
"If the club were to come into my hands then I would work with TEAM Mansfield and build up a better relationship than they have had over the last six years."
There are also rumours of another local bsuinessman considering making a bid.

Haslam ultimatum is 'put up or shut up'
CHAD, 08 February 2006

BELEAGURED Stags chairman Keith Haslam's 21-day ultimatum is a 'put up or shut up' challenge to protesting supporters group TEAM Mansfield.
Mr Haslam, who has now paid back his controversial director's loans to the club, has continually stressed he does not want to sell Mansfield Town.
But he told Chad: "This whole thing has to come to a head.
"They have been voicing their opinions on wanting to take over the club for a long time now with Chris Vasper spouting off all the time. It has come to the time where we will see what they have got.
"They have had six years to organise funding and a business plan. Surely they are not only just starting that now? It should have in place for the last six years.
"If not I don't know what they've been doing. There must have been some fund-raising - they've certainly not given the football club a penny.
"Saturday's march had no effect on me whatsover and I have no view on it.
"They organised it and I have no knowlege of how the meeting went."
Mr Haslam, who has had to put his club restructuring on ice until the 21-day deadline has passed, said this was not the first time he had told TEAM Mansfield to make him a bid.
"I have asked them on previous occasions to submit me a bid and it was convenient for both parties to meet up on Friday ahead of the march to discuss it again," he said.
"Their protesting does not affect me. But it does affect my staff and various other bodies like the Police.
"But their vocal chanting does not affect me in the slightest if that's what it's all about - not now or in the future."I have spoken to some of the supporters who want to come down here and enjoy a football match and they are becoming fed up with the protests from the few voicing these opinions.
"Everyone is allowed to voice whatever opinion they've got but, without speaking for him, I am sure Peter Shirtliff is as fed up with it as are the majority of the supporters.
"The team could do with a bit more encouragement right now. I know Peter says it is not affecting them on the pitch. But two weeks ago Kevin Pressman came out with a statement saying it was not conducive to lifting the players.
"If that's a 37-year-old's view then what about the 18, 19 and 20-year-olds who hve no experience of anything like this before. Of course it's got to have an effect.
"On the radio on Friday night Phil Stant mentioned he remembered protests affecting him on the pitch in the past.
"Players can't hear everything out there but they will pick up on certain things - particularly negativity. I am not saying it was responsible but, when Macclesfield had a corner on Saturday, there were a load of 'Haslam out' chants and we conceded a goal."
He added: "I have paid back my director's loans so I do not know what they are protesting about now.
"It is up to them now. If their offer is enough then it is enough. If it's not then it's down to them. I am sure they have a lot of hard work to do.
"I am very happy here. I am happy with the players and I am happy with my staff.
"I have said I have no pressing desire to leave. I have had a lot worse situations at Mansfield Town, particularly in the early years which were such a struggle financially.
"The restructuring is now on hold until after the 21 days.
"I can't keep working on that as it is very expensive with lawyers and accountants and it will all be a waste of money if they come up with a good enough offer."


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