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5th February 2006 18:39

Mansfield Town Chairman Keith Haslam met with TEAM Mansfield joint chairmen Jeff Barnes and Colin Dobell this afternoon. Mr Haslam invited TEAM Mansfield to make an indicative offer for the Club within 21 days, based on information disclosed to them under a confidentiality agreement.

TM and SSA would like to state that the importance of the meeting tomorrow at the Mansfield Civic centre (start time midday) has increased. We can now have a discussion about how funds can be raised to take advantage of the chairman's offer to sell the club to TEAM Mansfield.

Someone who has successfully done this, and saved Chesterfield, Phil Tooley, will be at the meeting to share his experiences about fan involvement in running a football club and raising money.

To hear the detailed thoughts of Jeff Barnes and Colin Dobell of TEAM Mansfield, listen here to Mansfield 103.2 Sportstalk - the full programme, which also contains interviews with Keith Haslam and Andy Perry
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Mansfield 103.2 news, 8am, 04 Feb 2006

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The following story appeared on the official website this afternoon:


Following a meeting this afternoon between Mansfield Town FC and Team Mansfield, Mr Keith Haslam, Chairman of Mansfield Town Football Club would like to make the following statement:

"The major issues of team Mansfield have been addressed in that:

The Director's loans have been repaid

Team Mansfield have been invited to make an indicative offer of the Club, based on certain information disclosed to them under a confidentiality agreement

Evening Post, 04 February 2006

Stags chairman Keith Haslam has invited supporters' trust TEAM Mansfield to make a bid for the club - after stating his loans have been repaid.

But supporters are still being urged to join a TEAM Mansfield-organised march from the civic centre to Field Mill before this afternoon's clash with Macclesfield.

Chris Vasper, TEAM Mansfield spokesman, said Colin Dobell and Jeff Barnes, the group's joint chairmen, had met with Mr Haslam yesterday to discuss a possible bid.

He said no price for the club had been mentioned but the group had been given 21 days to put together a bid.

Mr Vasper said: "We are keen to hear from Mr Haslam as to what the exact amount of money needed to purchase the club is.

"We want to use a meeting before the march to invite supporters to pledge money."

He said the march would be going ahead to continue the momentum of the campaign and to show Mr Haslam the seriousness of the fans' intentions.

In a statement Mr Haslam said: "TEAM Mansfield have been invited to make an indicative offer for the club, based on certain information disclosed to them under a confidentiality agreement."

TEAM Mansfield's anger had stemmed from money Mr Haslam owed the club, including an interest-free loan of around £585,142. Mr Haslam yesterday said he has paid back the loan in full.

Stags boss Peter Shirtliff hopes today's fans' protest will not belittle what his side are trying to achieve on the pitch.


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