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Archived News from January 2006

29th January 2006 23:40

To remove all doubts and confusion surrounding FTYBR FC's IFA game on Saturday 4th February against Macclesfield Town supporters, Fanzine editor and Team Manager, Steve Hartshorn has issued this statement.

“ I can understand where all the confusion has come from, and understand why certain supporters were slightly upset, however their reactions were without knowing the full facts. This fixture, which is an IFA, (Internet Football Association) game was arranged months ago. A long time before Team Mansfield decided to up their pressure on the Mansfield Town Chairman, Keith Haslam.

What normally happens is that a week or so before hand, Managers contact each other and arrange the kick off time and directions to where the game is being played. This has been done and the kick off arranged for 10 am, not the normal time of 11 am. There was a reason for the decision that being that an earlier kick off time would allow those FTYBR FC players wishing to attend the protest meeting and march ample time to do so.

I have today spoken to the Manager at Macclesfield who not only knew all about the protest but fully expected me to arrange an earlier kick off. Which I can confirm has been done.

I must say though that I and many of the players were hurt by people assuming that we would be playing at a time when attending the march would have been impossible. I thought better of a few people who should have had a little more faith. The lads who put on the amber shirt are some of the most committed Stags supporters out there. They give 110% representing the football club we all love, Mansfield Town. The upshot of it all is that it would have been nice to ask before presuming the worst. “

The game will be played at Abbott Road, Mansfield with a 10 am kick off. The game should finish around 11-40'ish. Any supporters wishing to attend both events would be most welcome.

It turned out to be a pretty disastrous trip to Darlington with both Stags sides on the end of a drubbing, The morning game between the supporters was a weird game to call, especially at the final whistle with Darlo celebrating a seemingly impressive 5-1 win.

The brief tale of the story is that for the first 15 minutes FTYBR FC controlled the game but then fell three goals behind to breaks and a couple of defensive errors.

The whole of the 2nd half was Mansfield's but fine goalkeeping by Darlo kept the young Stags side at bay. Darlo to their credit soaked up the pressure to break away at score a further two goals that had their Manager, Steve Robinson admit at the end of the game that, “It was a bit harsh on your lads.” FTYBR's consolation goal was scored towards the end by Drew Stokes.

Steve Robinson was though impressed by the young side that had never given in and had gamely chased the game despite going five goals down.

“You have a really good side there. A lot of good young lads who in a couple of years time when they have filed out a little more will be a real tough side to beat. The skill and ability is there, but at times they weren't strong enough against some of our older players. But they will come good and be a really good side.”

FTYBR Manager Steve Hartshorn had this to say,

“There were times when they were playing Darlo off the park but weren't clinical enough and to be honest, I think our defence have had better games. We did give them three of their five. Games like this are a bit of a learning curve, but I was still proud at the way they never let their heads drop. Hopefully things can get back on track with a win over Macclesfield next weekend, which looking at the results is a big game for both FTYBR FC and The Stags. Both Peter Shirtliff and I need a good win next weekend. (Steve said with a smile!) If we keep losing like this I'll be called into the Chairman's office for a little chat, which could be a bit confusing since I am sort of the Chairman as well. Things need to improve otherwise I could end up finding, “HARTSHORN OUT!” flyers up and down Dalestorth Road.”

There has been recent criticism surrounding the fact that there has not been an issue of Follow The Yellow Brick Road for some months and that the fanzine has not made any comment about the Team Mansfield and Keith Haslam situation. Editor, Steve Hartshorn explains,

The reason why there has not been an issue out is that I was waiting for things to settle down regarding Keith Haslam and Team Mansfield. FTYBR takes about a week to be printed and with things changing and things being said on quite often a daily basis, I thought it best to wait a while.

Regarding the fanzine not commenting on the situation? Well that is quite simple. FTYBR is a supporters magazine, written by supporters for supporters, at this present time I have had two articles in for inclusion. Paul Taylor's marvellous A-Z and the Worst Chairmen from Martin Shaw, which was a follow on from the worst Manager in the previous issue. I have had nothing else. The fanzine is not called Steve Hartshorn's Yellow Brick Road and as such the fanzine couldn't comment on the situation because no comments have been made by the people who contribute to it. YOU, the supporters. It is as simple as that. Without opinions from the supporters, how can the fanzine make a comment?

Plans are for the next issue to come out against Wrexham. I have spoken to members of Team Mansfield and also the football club regarding the Team Mansfield articles that will be included. I don't wish the fanzine banned so as editor I have made the decision that I will give the football club opportunity to respond to each Team Mansfield article and report. Hopefully they will take me up on the offer which will then give the fanzine a balanced view of all that has happened. 'Sitting on the fence!' is probably right because we have always said that as a fanzine we will try to cover the views and opinions of each and every supporter. Not everyone agrees with certain happenings and FTYBR will never dictate what is right or wrong. I like to leave that up to the individual reader.

I have told a member of the Team Mansfield committee that they can have as many pages as they want, so I found it surprising when the fanzine was being criticised. Obviously a lack of communication by certain members.

FTYBR was also claimed to be more a football club produced magazine rather than a supporters fanzine. Well, there is only thing that can change that, and that is by the quality and type of articles that are sent in. If people prefer to bang away on a keyboard and not send anything in then what choice do I have? As I have said, FTYBR is a supporters magazine, written by supporters for supporters. YOU are in charge of what goes in. I just put it together. So if former readers are not happy with the way the fanzine was going, then all I can say is that it is your fault. I print what we are sent so if all I am sent is an A-Z, that is all I can do.

Regarding the situation with the football club, I was once told that we can print anything as long as it is true.

So now it is up to you. If people are not bothered about FTYBR, I will simply pack it in and finish. It would be nice to have a little bit of life back!


As you know along with Nigel Pinnick I help to bring live commentaries via StagsWorld. Thanks to a person unnamed, I leant a large amount of money to buy a ISDN kit so that the quality would be bang on for those of you who for one reason or another can't make it to games, especially home ones. Yes the football club should have purchased the equipment but PTV provide limited funds so I took it upon myself to go into debt so that commentaries were bought to you in the best possible quality and not via an ordinary telephone line.


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