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31st January 2006 22:47

Reclaim the Stags – Giving our club its Heart Back

TEAM Mansfield are asking all Stags fans to attend a public meeting before the Macclesfield Town game at the Mansfield Civic Centre at 12.00 on Saturday 4 February to be followed by an optional peaceful march to Field Mill.

Following the very successful high profile campaign launched against Mr Haslam by the Supporters' Trust in November last year after accounts revealed the Chairman had increased his illegal loans from MTFC to almost £1.2m, an overwhelming number of Stags fans have expressed their desire to stage a formal protest to convince the current regime at Field Mill that the current protests are not the actions of a vocal minority. TM is delighted to offer everyone the opportunity to take part.

The theme of the day will be Giving Our Club its Heart Back with the aim of setting out a vision for our club to include:

· MTFC should exist for the benefit of its employees, its fans and the community not solely for its major shareholder.
· MTFC is first and foremost a football club. It should not exist for the major shareholder to strip large sums of cash by way of self confessed illegal loans to finance his lifestyle and to finance various property projects with the needs of the football club coming a very poor second.
· Restoring pride in our club. Despite being a new stadium Field Mill is shabby and uncared for. We need a regime at FM that cares for our club as much as we do.
· Engaging the community. For 13 years MTFC has been run by one man who is Chairman, Chief Executive, Major Shareholder, General Manager and sole Director. To allow one man to have so much influence over our club is wrong and damaging and needs to change.
· Progress on the pitch. The Stags are suffering their worst long term position in their League history. The link with this and Mr Haslam is obvious and must change.

The meeting will give supporters the opportunity to ask questions of TM and the SSA. Whilst at the Civic Centre we will be asking individuals attending the meeting to sign a petition we hope to hand to Mr Haslam prior to the game.
It is vital every Stags fan that can attend does attend. More details to follow in the next few days.

Meanwhile, to keep up to date with TEAM Mansfield news, please visit the website at http://www.teammansfield.co.uk


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