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6th January 2006 14:25

Statement by Graham Parker, in response to the article in the Chad here: http://www.stagsnet.net/news/newsdetails.php?newsid=2808

5 Jan 2006

Following a meeting this afternoon between John Sidney, Safety Officer at MTFC and myself with Chris Vasper from Team Mansfield in attendance, I have the following statement to make:

Following the publication of false and damaging statements made in the Chad this week by John Sidney, the Club has acknowledged that no noxious or explosive gas was used to inflate the balloons released at the recent Bristol Rovers V Mansfield Town game. I have asked for and been assured that the Club will make a public statement to this effect.

Following an open, honest and well mannered meeting in which all points were made and exchanged about demonstrations held inside Field Mill and at other football stadia, John Sidney is to meet with MTFC officials ASAP with regard to the lifting the existing banning of myself from attending home games at Field Mill

During the meeting I was presented with an agreement drafted by the Club that, should I have agreed to sign it, would have seriously restricted my freedom of speech; the agreement was subsequently withdrawn by the Club.

All parties agreed that the current negative publicity surrounding the Mansfield Town Football Club is doing nothing but harm to MTFC, the players and many fans. As an active and positive supporter of the Club for many years, I call on the Club to publicly state the errors made about my actions and to reconsider their position about the banning ASAP.

In his statement in the Chad, John Sidney stated that if I agreed not to bring noxious gases into Field Mill I would be allowed back in to see home games. He has been given this assurance, along with a clear statement that no such gases where ever brought into the ground by myself or anyone associated with me. I look forward to hearing from the Club confirming this agreement.

Whilst I disagree with the actions publicly stated by the Chairman of MTFC in respect of the loans he has taken from the Club, I call on anyone involved in any demonstration against him to act legally and in compliance with any existing health and safety regulations designed to protect the public, in the same way that all previous demonstrations that I have been involved with have been conducted.
Graham Parker is not part of TEAM Mansfield.


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