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24th December 2005 17:16


JAMES ROBSON, Evening Post, 24 December 2005

The Football Association has confirmed it is looking into the personal
loans taken out by Mansfield chairman Keith Haslam.

When asked about the controversial loans the club had made to the
Stags chairman, an FA spokesman said: "Inquiries are on-going."

The news comes after Haslam revealed new plans for Mansfield -
including repaying the loans in full and appointing new directors to
the board - which have been given the go-ahead to be implemented in

Whether those plans will be affected by the FA's inquiries remains to
be seen. Haslam has also challenged supporters to "put up or shut up"
after being urged to sell his majority shareholding in the club.

The Stags Supporters' Association issued a statement this week
announcing their loss of confidence in him.

It was the latest body blow after heavy criticism from Team Mansfield
Supporters' Trust.

The statement read: "Keith Haslam has given the SSA Committee no
option other than to announce our complete lack of trust and
confidence in him.

"We would like to make it absolutely clear that we wish to see a
change in the ownership of our football club."

The SSA backed Team Mansfield's proposed buy-out of the club, but
Haslam insisted they had yet to reveal how much they are willing to
pay for his shares.

He added that the club was not up for sale, but he would listen to the
"right offer".

"It is all right conducting business through the media, but my door is
always open and my phone is on," he said.

"The shares are not for sale. The club is not for sale, but if the
right offer came in, anyone would listen.

"But until they say how much they can pay or are willing to pay, I
cannot see any way forward."

Haslam added that he'd held discussions with potential investors in
recent weeks and regarding his plans for the club. He said: "It has
taken time because of lawyers, accountants and the FA, but it's all in
place now to happen in January."


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