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21st December 2005 21:17

In this weeks CHAD newspaper, there are another 2 letters regarding what is now fast becoming "Haslamgate"

Some Advice for Mr Meale

Mr Meale's silence regarding Keith Haslam's admission that he broke the law in taking money from MTFC beggars belief. Come on Alan what's your view on this? We'd all like to know! Would Mr. Meale also like to tell his "whingeing" constituents whether he thinks that the removal of this money from the club, against the law, has been beneficial to MTFC or not?

Persumable Mr. Meale's critcism of fans means that he would prefer it if difficult questions aren't asked in future. Perhaps he thinks that Mr. Haslam should be allowed to run MTFC in any way he chooses, without attracting any negative comment? I, like many Stags fans, am glad that Team Mansfield are asking questions that "embarrass" Mr Haslam and I hope they manage to wrest the club from his control.

In future it would be better for the people of Mansfield to have less of Mr Meale: less derogatory comments aimed at constituents and less support for a self-confessed law breaker. Mr Meale would do well to remember that the majority of Stags fans are his constituents. Keith Haslam is not.

Robert Brough

MP's comments Appalling

As a lifelong Stags supporter I was appalled by Alan Meale's comments in Chad last week.
Mr Haslam, the club chairman breaks company law by borrowing illegally from the club and Mr Meale says nothing about this.
Instead Mr Meale rounds on the Stags supporters. He urges me to "hold my breath" - for exciting times are on the way. Can you "hold you breath" for 12 years, Mr Meale?
And because I don't like the fact that Mr Haslam has borrowed illegally I am not a "real" Mansfield Town supporter, according to Mr Meale.
Does that make me a "pretend" supporter after 40 plus years?
With respect, Mr Meale, it's time you got "real".
In fact, I find it galling that a son of Bishop Auckland supports a man of Sheffield over the fans of Mansfield Town. Enough said.

David Whitehead


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