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24th November 2005 12:01

TEAM Mansfield Press Release

November 24th. 2005

TEAM Mansfield start legal process

TEAM Mansfield have this week started the legal process to get Keith Haslam, the MTFC Chairman, to repay the loans that he has taken out from the football club in the alleged contravention of the TEAM Mansfield agreement.

They have briefed a firm of solicitors who have worked for other Trusts like TEAM Mansfield and who were recommended by Supporters Direct, the government backed organisation to whom TEAM Mansfield subscribe. This firm of solicitors have this week written to Mr. Haslam stating both the position of TEAM Mansfield and reminding the Chairman of his legal responsibilities with regard to such loans and have set an early deadline for a response. Further legal action is dependant upon that response.

Any questions on the above release should be directed only to the Joint Chairmen of Team Mansfield who are:-

Colin Dobell, Jeff Barnes. Contact us


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