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29th October 2005 22:27

Audio interview with Peter Shirtliff from Mansfield 103.2 (file is 0.4 Mb).
Interview here
Audio interview with Peter Shirtliff from BBC Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed)

Goucesterhsire Echo website

Robins boss John Ward said it was a frail performance by his side, who have now lost three on the bounce in League Two.

"We were finding life difficult in the second half when we were up against it," he said. "Our decision-making was poor. In the first half we played quite well, but didn't get enough shots out of it."

Ward had no argument over his player's sending-off, adding: "I have seen the club video and it seems the referee made the correct decision."

Evening Post website

Mansfield caretaker manager Peter Shirtliff hailed his side's "resilience and determination" after they bounced back from their Carling Cup defeat to Millwall with a battling 2-0 win at Cheltenham.

Gary Bradshaw (Cheltenham) and Gareth Jelleyman (Mansfield) were sent off late on as both sides finished with 10 men.

Shirtliff said: "We deserved the win because Whaddon Road is a tough place to come, and we showed resilience.

"We played some decent stuff on the counter, but in a game like this you are never going to dominate, so you have to dig in and show determination, which was why I was disappointed at the start of the second half. They caught us on the break and hit the post.

"However, overall I am very happy with the performance and was pleased with the goal for Richie Barker, who worked his socks off."

Shirtliff admitted Jelleyman's red card was a blow. "I asked the referee, with just 27 seconds left on the clock, could he not have just defused the situation, but he said he had no option.

"I am disappointed because Gareth has been playing well and I will lose him for three games."
Manager's Comments
Our decision making has let us down: Ward
John Ward interviewed after the 2-0 defeat to Mansfield Town at Whaddon Road:

"It was a frail performance today. We found life very difficult to deal with, and our decision making very poor when we were up against it. When we're on top of games, we are flowing and get on top of teams and everyone wants the ball, but when we're having a tough game, like today - particularly in the second half - we get effected in our decision making and until we put that right, we'll continue to have problems like we've had today
" I've just looked at the club video, and it looks as though the referee is probably correct [about the decision to send off Gary Bradshaw in the 92nd minute]. He will be hugely disappointed with the sending off because he will be unavailable for the next three games. That's something we both have to deal with. It was a tough one to bring him on. I would have liked to have brought him on when we were two or three up so that he could have enjoyed the bit of freedom we would have going. We've seen little bits today of why we signed him today and little bits why we have to wait. Unfortunately, we have to wait another three games because I don't think i'm going to contest the decision.
"The goals were down to mistakes by ourselves. They will say they were well taken goals and will be happy with the finish of the first one, but we've lost the ball in midfield for that and the second one was a mistake by a young player. That is something we have to deal with here at Cheltenham. Until we can make that better and give those players the experience and knowledge and we can only do that by putting them in these positions.
"I will try and decide the best way to go about things but questions abouth the formations only come about when we lose, so i'll have to bear that in mind as well. There is no confusion from the players. This is the same team that has been playing regularly and doing well in previous games. Football is a simple game and I am a simple football manager and I try to make the game as simple as possible for these footballers. There is no need to confuse it, and the only problem is our decision making. You [the media] are talking about scoring goals, but we have defended poorly today and in the last 15 minutes at Darlington and that has little to do with shapes. If you think I am defensive, the why have we conceded eight goals in three games?
"I am sure an element of that is communication. It is a very quiet group of people and that's where decision making becomes so important particularly when you are having a tough time. I thought the first half we played particularly well, created alot of things and got ourselves into the box we but didn't get enough shots out of it. We've hit the post at the start of the second half, but then another mistake costs us another goal and we become very quiet.
"The players are very lucky to play here every Saturday. The fans stick withe team but, yes, they get frustrated and disappointed like we all are today. If my players have any pretentions about furthering their careers then they will find out that there is alot more noise higher up the leagues they go. Playing at Cheltenham should not be a chore for anybody.
"I've got a side that needs a goal and when they get it you will see a change in it. It is a confidence factor and that will change with a result or one little break. We are not a poor side but we were both of those things today. The whole perspective is that we have good players who need nursing though sometimes and the only way to learn about difficult times is putting them situations like today. If they learn and get better then today will be worth it but I don't feel that way inclined at the moment.
"Today, the fans will not have enjoyed that but in the main they know that this football club is trying to produce some young players that now and again are going to make mistakes. The fans have stuck with us, i'm grateful for that I hope they continue to do that. There is no reason why my team won't perform better next Saturday and that's what we will be working to do."



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