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1st April 2005 22:22

Adam Murray appeared on a radio show in Carlisle tonight. Here is the transcript of what he said.

Thanks to Ian Baker for the transcript.

Q: Was it a difficult decision to leave Mansfield?

AM: I enjoyed my time at Mansfield; yes, it was a big
decision of mine to leave Mansfield. It wasn't easy,
but . . . the club weren't playing football I wanted
to play or watch. I was being put under pressure to
perform on a weekly basis and when I came off the
pitch thinking 'yeah, done well today', but I'd get
pelters for it. I'll look back at Mansfield with a
smile. The good times far outweighed the bad ones. I
took a look on one of their websites that night and
their fans were gutted about losing me. I thought
about posting them an email to outline my reasons for
leaving, but I decided against it.

Does dropping into the conference not bother you? The
club has had difficulties attracting players because
of that.

I turned down a couple of league sides to come to
Carlisle, so dropping out of the league wasn't a
concern. Carlisle had tried to buy me earlier in the
season and they were the first side to make an
approach to sign me when I became available and that
played a big part in my decision making process.

Like I said, moving into the conference isn't a worry.
I view it as a challenge to get back into the league
this season. Some would view this as some kind of

What are your first impressions of CUFC?

My first impressions are good. We've won both games
and kept clean sheets in both games. I gather that if
we beat Farnborough tomorrow we have equalled the club
record for straight wins and we'll break the record
for successive clean sheets. The training is very
good, Simmo has some good connections in the game and
he's put them to good use. We do a lot of stretching
and swimming in the run up to games, instead of
long-running and playing five-a-side all the time.
Even though I've only been here a while, I do feel a
bit fitter. My calves were a bit sore on Tuesday
morning so I came in and spent a bit of time in the
hot-tub to ease the muscles. I couldn't believe it
when I saw that when I was shown around!

Everything is in place or being put into place for the
club to kick on. The facilities far outstrip what they
have at Mansfield, the plans for the new training
ground look very impressive and although the pitch
here isn't the greatest, a brand new one is being laid
in time for next season, once the academy is complete
then the off-field facilities here will rival the

Do you see Carlisle as a stepping stone, and how do we
compare to your other clubs?

Like all players, I've got ambitions. Mine are to play
in the Premiership and for England. I feel that I'm
young enough to make a go of it and I've got
confidence in my abilities as a footballer to go out
and do it.

I never saw my future at Burton or Kidderminster as
long-term things, at the time I only saw them as
stepping stones to something better. The first time at
Mansfield when they won promotion with Stu Watkiss, I
felt good about playing there.

We had a good side, but the club stood still over the
summer and came straight back down. At Carlisle, there
is a similar atmosphere to the promoted Mansfield
side. But I don't think we'll make the same mistakes.

Everybody is prepared to do what is needed to help the
club out. I was impressed with what Fred Story and
Simmo said to me when I came here and they sold the
club to me.

We've got some good old pros in the dressing room, Tom
[Cowan] and Kev [Gray] who keep our feet on the ground
after a game and dish out the telling offs. I've not
been told off by Kev yet, I've seen him have a go at
the lads and I don't want one of those! I'd hate to
play against him because he looks hard as nails and
he's got the stare.

Do you know any of the players at CUFC?

I've known Karl [Hawley] for years, he's an old mate
of mine from when we played boys football together.
We've always kept in touch. When my agent told me
about Carlisle's interest in October, I spoke to him
and he said they'd just played against Barnet in front
of almost 10,000 fans. I had to check the paper to see
if he was having me on!

Did you work with Paul Simpson at Derby?

I first met Simmo at Derby County. I was in the
academy and he was starting his coaching with us and
he singled me out for special praise then. He was a
calm guy who never got angry with you if you made a
mistake and that's stuck with me. He won't seek
confrontation with you and it's a nice change.

What did you think of the fans so far?

I thought the suppport on Monday night was first
class. They never stopped cheering and shouting for us
and we won it right at the end. They didn't once get
on our backs, which again is different to what I'm
used to. I didn't have the greatest first half, in
fact, I thought I was really poor. I was walking off
the pitch expecting some harsh words about my
performance, but the supporters rose and gave us an
ovation off and a bloke was stood at the tunnel and he
shouted 'keep your head up, Adam', and I didn't get
too downhearted. I wouldn't have got support like that
last month.

Do you feel you're better playing centrally?

Moving inside helped me on Monday. That's my position
and I know where and when to make forward runs and
when to sit off. Playing out wide, I was a bit
cautious not to lose shape. I was up against Howell,
the player who a lot had been said in our team talk
before the game, but he didn't get anything from me or
Dave [Beherall] behind me that night, so I felt I
didn't let anybody down.

Obviously, I don't expect to walk into the middle of
the team at such a stage of the season. The two Chris'
[Lumsdon and Billy] are both really good players who
are bang in form right now.

Do you think we can win promotion this season?

I think we can go up, yes. Simmo tells me that this
side is stronger than what we had this time last year
when they were on play off form. I played here last
Easter with Kidderminster and we got absolutely
hammered. Our keeper played a blinder to keep the
score down, so if this side is better than I've no
reason to believe we won't win promotion this season.

Would you like to play against Mansfield next season
and prove a point to Carlton Palmer?

If I get to play against Mansfield again, then it'll
be nice. I won't put pressure on myself by making
predictions, but it would be nice to catch up with
some friends I made down there. Dutch, Rhys and Bowser
were the first people on the phone when it was
announced I'd signed for Carlisle to wish me luck.

The end.


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