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Archived News from October 2004

17th October 2004 11:21

Keith Curle interview from Mansfield 103.2, with Jason Harrison

Transcribed by Martin Shaw

We were superb today. Guy Ipoua: I went to watch him on Wednesday when he played for Doncaster reserves. Obviously the search has been going on. I saw something in his play that I knew we needed which was a physical presence, the ability to stop the ball coming straight back and willingness to bring other people into the game. He's got a bit of craft about him that a centre forward needs. I thought he was at times the strength for Colin and Derek that we need, to get the pace in behind teams. Initially it's a month long loan. I thought he's got something I can work with and what we need. I've not been able to see that much of him but I saw enough in 45 minutes on Wednesday when he scored two goals. He's not played that much in the last 2 years, which sometimes is good. The lad needs a challenge, needs to play games. He's a quality player that can play at a higher level which is why I was interested in him.

Today we saw an attacking minded Craig Woodman, it's something he has got in his locker. We encouraged him, to get more and more out of him.

It would have been nice to keep a clean sheet. There was probably a bit of over excitement trying to go for the extra goal, sending the defenders up when we might not have needed it. But sometimes in local derbies players do get carried away.

Alex John-Baptiste had a slight injury.

We have two difficult games coming up. Cheltenham won away today. Interesting games. But there's no finer way to go to Cheltenham than with a big win under our belt.

The crowd was absolutely fantastic today. You could tell the happiness not only because of the result but also the performance.
County assistant boss Darron Gee said: "It wasn't down to tactics or team selection. It was about having the hunger and passion to play in a local derby and too many of our players didn't have that desire which is very disappointing.
"Mansfield overwhelmed us with their passion and desire which we failed to match.
"I feel for the fans and I feel for the manager who has to carry the can for that. But what can you do? We have no funds or long-term injured players coming back so we have to get on with what we've got. That's life at this football club right now.
"You have to speak the truth and be honest and, after a fantastic week, we have come back down to earth with a bang.
"You just can't put your finger on what team will turn up for some reason. It was men against boys which is wrong and is something we have to put right very quickly."
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