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Archived News from October 2004

14th October 2004 11:18

Stags biggest home game of the season (so far, we don't want them to think
they are anything special) will see the release of the latest edition of the
Stags fanzine, Follow The Yellow Brick Road.
Issue 57 of the popular 'Supporters rag' is packed full once more of great
articles and views, including an exclusive and in depth profile and
interview with former Stags boss, 'Ian Greaves.'
Editor, Steve Hartshorn is pleased with the quality of articles that have
come in from his fellow Stags supporters,
"We have a passionate support here in Mansfield, and that has been reflected
in the articles, although as any editor of a fanzine will tell you, you can
never have too many articles, I'm just blessed to be sent quality each time
we come out!"
This issue sees the beginning of 'The Stags A-Z' written by Stags historian,
Paul Taylor.
"I'd asked Paul to put something together for me, a kind of A-Z on The
Stags, and I should have known with Paul that he wouldn't go into it half
heartedly. The first part covers A-C and is well worth the read. Paul has
spent a lot of time doing this article for the supporters and I think they
will enjoy it."
Issue 57 also sees the welcome return of the 'tongue in cheek' cartoon,
Norman & Nora, as Editor, Steve Hartshorn explains,
"People may remember the Norman & Nora cartoon from a previous issue? I
thought that with the fanzine coming out against 'Super Notts' that it would
be a perfect time to bring them back. Mind you, I did toy with the idea of
doing it in bigger type just for the old folks, you know, just in case any
Counteh fans decide to read it. I hope if they do, that they take it in the
right spirit."
48 pages, colour covered and for the first time, with colour on the inside
cover pages, FTYBR 57 is full to the brim of excellent photos, mainly taken
by Danny Westwell.
"Danny has once again been a star, along with a few pictures from Stu
Eggleshaw, I have had nothing but quality pix to choose from. Roger Grayson
from the Chad also helped out with the photo's of Ian Greaves, proving once
again that the media in the Mansfield area are superb with the help given to
There are also a couple of articles written by Jim Jenkins, who posts on the
Stagsnet message-board.
"Jim has been great with his offers of help. Believe it or not, he lives
just across the road from me! He has done a great piece on Keith Curle and
also as a helper on the recent CBC ride to Scunnie, he goes through his and
the riders experiences of the day. He's even offered to help sell it!"
As Steve explains, FTYBR has once again been given superb help and quality
articles from a number of supporters.
"Martin Shaw has been brilliant. I was thinking of doing an article on AJB.
I put the idea to Martin at the very last minute and he pulled out all the
stops to get me something done in time for the fanzine to go off to the
printers. He and Paul are on the editorial team here and to be honest,
without their help, I'd struggle. Steve Fleming has done a run down on
others in League Two and even Tosh has an article in this time!"
The front cover also once more carry's the SSA badge.
"We have for years been strong supporters of first the supporters Club, and
now the SSA. I think they do a wonderful job for the supporters of Mansfield
Town. A lot of it that people don't see. We here at the fanzine had the idea
of putting the SSA badge on the front cover to show our support for the
organisation and for the work they do representing the supporters. Dean
Foulkes has also done an article for issue 57 explaining all about the SSA
away travel and as an editor of a fanzine for Mansfield Town supporters, I
would like to think that we will always have strong connections with the SSA
and the great work that they do."
The fanzine has once again gained help from local businesses.
"Andrew Saunders Insurance Services recently extended their FTYBR FC
sponsorship deal and The Quill Press and Webestry Design have also carried
on their support, which is great news for the fanzine. Obviously we don't
sell fanzines in the thousands, after all this is Mansfield Town and not
Manchester United, so any support no matter how large or small from people
is always welcomed. To be a Coca Cola League 2 fanzine with a colour cover
is a bit rare and the costs can be a bit frightening, but I have, with
various help, been able to keep to the same cover price of £1. Believe it or
not the cover price hasn't seen a single increase in over ten years, that is
down to the support we get from the marvelous people of Mansfield."
For the first time, the fanzine has also helped out local music and venues.
"I saw a band in Nottingham recently on a rowdy night out with John Lomas
from the Chad. I got talking to a couple of band members from 'Mybe'and they
told me that their debut album was due out mid-October. I told them that I
would put them an advert in the next issue for them to help out. You never
know, they may make it big, if they do, then I have in some way helped.
There is also a list of future bands playing at The Town Mill on Bridge
Street, Mansfield. Kev, the Landlord there used to run the Sir John Cockle
and for years laid on free food for FTYBR FC and their guests, so, again, I
offered help."
All in all issue 57 of Follow The Yellow Brick Road is once again a superb
read for not only the fans of Mansfield Town, but also football supporters
in general. Classed as one of the Countries most respected and well-known
fanzines, FTYBR once again carries a proud banner proclaiming its love and
pride in everything Mansfield Town.
FTYBR will be on sale around the outside of the ground and in local pubs
from around 1-30pm this Saturday. Steve has one final thing to say,
"The fanzine is worth getting just for the interview with Ian Greaves. I
hope people continue to support FTYBR the way they have done in the past. We
just keep getting stronger and stronger and that is a credit to the
supporters of this football club!"


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