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15th October 2004 14:53

Notts County, whose latest league game was won 2-1 at Macclesfield, are the Stags' next opponents – and this in a local derby at Field Mill. And the teams first met in 1937-38, when the Stags were moved to southern section of the old third division due to the relegation of Barnsley and Stockport from the old 2nd division with the effect of both those sides being placed in the old Div 3 (N).

The Stags lost both games against County in the 1937-38 season. The crowds then: 13632 at Meadow Lane and 11190 at Field Mill. The following season, the last before the outbreak of World War II, saw the first Stags win against County, a 2-0 on November 12, 1938 in front of 9852, who saw Turner and Dutton dispose of the Magpies. That season also saw the first Stags away point at County, a 1-1 draw on March 18, 1939, Harkin hitting the net in front of 11629.

After World War II, the teams have been in the same league on eleven occasions up to the current season.
Among them the solitary season in the old 2nd division in 1977-78, when the Magpies won both fixtures. Attendances then: 12827 at Field Mill, 10587 at Meadow Lane. The derby attendances in 1971-72 were even better: 16905 at Meadow Lane, 16758 at Field Mill. The biggest Stags win in league games was a 4-0 thumping on September 16, 1963 with three goals from Roy Chapman and one from Scanlon in front of the Stags' second highest home gate that season, 16560, a gate which was marginally bettered on February 8, 1964, when the eventual Champions and later First Division and Premiership side Coventry were sent home empty-handed to a 3-2 defeat in front of 16755. And in the inaugural season of the old third division, the Stags did their first – and so far – only double over the Magpies, as the Stags won the home fixture 3-0 (gate 13376) and the away one 4-3 (attendance 16510) – thus being the Stags-County game producing most league goals.

The teams have also met in the League cup on six occasions, the latest being a County 4-3 win at the Mill at the start of the 2001-02 season.

The sides last met in the 2002-03 season. On November 9, 2002, Iyseden Christie netted the Stags 2-2 equalizer deep into injury time – and one of the few times the Stags had such luck that season - which was more than deserved as the Stags had deserved to win. The home game on February 8, 2003, was won 3-2, all goals coming in the second half, catapulting the Stags into 17th position and above County and the last time above 20th position that season before bad luck with late goals against continued to curse the Stags, as it more often than not occured in 2002-03.

... and the teams have yet to play a goal-less league game at Field Mill.

As expected, several players have played for the Stags as well as for the Magpies. One of the first is believed to be Edwin Clare, playing even in the Mansfield Wesleyans days – and some of the latest being Tony Lormor and Darren Ward. Even the Stags' first International, John McClelland, managed a few games for County in their latest season in the top flight, 1991-92 (and this before the introdution of the Premier League).

Played for both sides: Ian Baraclough, Brian Bates, Charlie Bisby, Roy Brown, Colin Calderwood, Gary Chapman, Steven Cherry, Trevor Christie, Edwin Clare (even in Mansfield Wesley days!!!), David Coates, William Coole, John B Cottam (1920's), Reg Cropper, William Death, Bill Dickson, Dick Edwards, Wayne Fairclough, Len Featherby, Paul Gibson, Jimmy Heathcote, Simeon Hodson, Colin Hoyle, David Hunt, Glynn Hurst, John Jepson, Jimmy Jones, Harry Keeling, Ben Le Grice, Richard Lee, Tony Lormor, John McClelland, Arthur Mann, Gary Martindale, George Mee, Bobby Mimms, Brian Moore, Harry Moore, Don O'Riordan, Nicky Platnauer, Llewellyn Price, Kevin Randall, Charlie Reed, Mike Rose, Fred Shaw, Lance Sheldon, Paul Sherlock, Stephen Slawson, Chris Staniforth, Phil Stant, Arthur Staples, Murray Steele, George Stimpson, John Streets, Adrian Thorpe, Mick Vinter, Darren Ward, Alfred West, Chris Withe.

Managed both sides: Bill Dearden, Mick Jones, Harry Parkes, Harry Weightman (only manager who's been in charge of all three Nottinghamshire League clubs!).

Home games: P 13, W 5, D 3, L 5, GF 20, GA 17
Away games: P 13, W 1, D 4, L 8, GF 12, GA 25

Season Home Date Away Date

1937-38 1-2 1938-04-09 0-2 1937-10-07 Div 3 (S)
1938-39 2-0 1938-11-12 1-1 1939-03-18 Div 3 (S)
1946-47 1-0 1946-11-23 1-5 1947-03-29 Div 3 (S)
1958-59 3-0 1959-02-14 4-3 1958-10-04 Div 3 (old)
1963-64 4-0 1963-09-16 0-1 1963-10-03 Div 3 (old)
1971-72 1-1 1972-02-26 0-2 1971-11-06 Div 3 (old)
1977-78 1-3 1977-10-29 0-1 1978-03-21 Div 2 (old)
1986-87 1-2 1987-04-21 0-0 1986-12-26 Div 3 (old)
1987-88 1-1 1987-10-11 1-1 1988-03-12 Div 3 (old)
1988-89 1-1 1988-10-01 1-2 1989-02-04 Div 3 (old)
1989-90 1-3 1989-11-04 2-4 1990-05-05 Div 3 (old)
1997-98 0-2 1998-01-31 0-1 1997-09-13 Div 3
2002-03 3-2 2003-02-08 2-2 2002-11-09 Div 2

League Cup:

1966-67 1-1 1966-08-24 (1st round at Meadow Lane)
1966-67 3-0 1966-08-29 (1st round replay at Field Mill)
1969-70 3-1 1969-08-13 (1st round at Field Mill)
1988-89 0-5 1988-08-30 (1st round, 1st leg at Meadow Lane)
1988-89 1-0 1988-09-06 (1st round, 2nd leg at Field Mill, Notts Co through 5-1 on aggregate)
2001-02 3-4 2001-08-21 (1st round at Field Mill)

Attendance updates courtesy of the centenary book, League cup games section courtesy of the centenary book and its update, managerial updates courtesy of Paul Taylor, details checked in the centenary book, the vastly updated Played for both sides section courtesy of the centenary book, various editions of Rothmans Football Yearbook – and most of all, the history CD.

Svante Bernhard aka Sweden Stag (pictured, above right)


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