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Archived News from October 2004

10th October 2004 21:49

The SSA has stepped in to ensure that Sky Sports TV's popular Saturday morning show Soccer AM received an Alex John-Baptiste shirt, complete with name, number 15, and Alex's autograph. The TV show has provided excellent publicity for the club and the player over the past season and a quarter. Last week, Tim Lovejoy from the show had called the club a "disgrace" when it sent the show a shirt with no number and no name on the back.

Here is a transcript of yesterday's show:

Helen Chamberlain: "Now more on the story of getting our Baps back. Last season, Soccer AM sponsored Alex John the Baptiste from Mansfield Town. And as you know, unfortunately this season, without warning he was pinched of us by Tracey Moore who runs Headstart unisex hairdressing salon in Mansfield precinct [shows picture of salon and another picture of Tracey in action].
It turns out Tracey didn't even want to sponsor Baps in the first place, she wanted Keith Curle's son, but she handed over the 170 quid for our Baps anyway. Now last week we offered her £171, plus two Wheatsheaf t-shirts and to come on the show as a stranger on the sofa.
Tracey buckled and gave our Baps back. Baps himself was so pleased to be back in the Soccer AM bosom that he scored his first league goal for the club [shows goal action] just for us. So, we're happy, Tracey's happy, Baps is delirious. But what about the club, are we actually allowed our Baps back just like that? Well we checked with Mansfield."

Mansfield quote: "If Tracey is happy with it, we're happy it. And by the way, I heard we got some stick about the shirt we sent. We sent a new one because we have changed shirts since last season, and anyway, sponsors don't get an actual match shirt. Those are auctioned off for charity at the end of the season."

Helen: "Ahh. 'Cos that's what normally happens if you sponsor a player, you get the shirt off their back at the end of the season. But fair enough... We do now own a real Alex John the Baptiste shirt because yesterday the official Mansfield suporters club sent us one [shows this season's yellow shirt with number 15 and name John-Baptiste on the back, and signed on the front]. There it is. Thank you very much. The accompanying letter shows it is official, from the Stags Supporters Asscociation [shows letter on SSA headed notepaper, the letter starts Dear Tim and Helen, Please find enclosed a home shirt for Alex John-Baptiste on behalf of all supporters of Mansfield Town]. Thanks very much guys."


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