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5th August 2004 22:08

Curle calls for united front from supporters

STAGS manager Keith Curle has called on a fans to unite and be positive as the new campaign kicks off.

Although Curle is delighted with the vast majority of Stags fans, there is a tiny minority who he feels are negative before a ball is kicked and doesn't want that to spread.

“We are all very excited about the new season,” he said. “But I have already picked up some tiny rumblings from fans whose glasses are probably always half-empty!
“If a small number of people start yawning in a roomful of people it soon spreads and everyone starts yawning.
“But if someone bound in full of enthusiasm that can also be infectious.
“I would love to meet some of these fans. Maybe I could change their lives for them!
“Some seem to hide behind pseudonyms. But I have my insiders and slowly but surely I am finding out who and I will try to bring them round to my way of thinking.”

Curle denied some of his squad had let him and the fans down when they were not at Sunday's SSA Field Mill Open Day.

Seven players turned up to sign autographs and have their picture taken with fans.

“The rest of them all had valid reasons why they weren't there and had my permission,” he said.

“Some were guests at Dave Artell's daughters christening, Rhys Day had a function to attend in Wales, Derek Asamoah was moving house – there were a lot of reasons.

“But fans can rest assured we will be holding the usual things during the season when they can meet the players including the successful signing session at the ground.

“John Gannon and I are also going to stage a 'fans forum' very soon.


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