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Archived News from April 2004

24th April 2004 20:44

CHAD website:
"There are a lot of upset people in that dressing room," said manager Keith Curle.
"But we can still go for the play-offs now and that would still be a great achievement that shouldn't be underestimated. We have a great opportunity and it will be a big game at Huddersfield next week where we know we need a result.
"In the first half we just had a look at Carlisle for the first 20 minutes which wasn't what I wanted and we ended up 2-0 down.
"Then we decided to play the way I wanted and caused them untold problems. Second half I told them to carry on doing those things and they didn't
"To a neutral it was a great advert. But as a manager it was frustrating. Our attacking play caused them problems but our defending caused us problems.
"You can't say there was a lack of effort or desire from my players. But individual errors got punished and we just didn't carry on doing the simple things."
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After a roller coaster of an afternoon United Boss Paul Simpson reflects on an important 90 minutes for his team.

"We have talked in the past about how we make it hard for ourselves but we knew when we came here today that we had to get a result. How we got it is irrelevant. Whether it was through playing football, a lucky bounce, whatever, I didn't care how we did it we just had to get that win. Carlisle United have been living on miracles for the past six or seven years and we need another. We've kept that possibility and we've kept that little dream alive that we've all got.

We can't afford to worry about what the other teams are doing because we can't affect that. We can only affect what we do ourselves and we've given ourselves a chance. We've got Cheltenham at home next week and it provides another opportunity for us. We're where we are because of what has gone before and we just have to accept that. The players have shown great spirit today, they've shown a fantastic attitude, and they've had a lot of things go against us in this one and I'm delighted for every single one of them. I'm delighted for every single one of those supporters who took their place behind the goal and cheered us on to the end. I'm quite sure their hearts stopped when Mansfield got back to 2-2 and when they got the penalty at the end of the game. I was on cloud nine after twenty minutes of today and we're 2-0 up, I wanted us to continue to do the things that were right when we were ahead but we didn't, we stopped doing the things that mattered. We stopped moving the ball quickly and we stopped turning their defenders round and we invited the pressure back on to ourselves. We're delighted, the spirit inside the dressing room at the moment is superb and I've told them that what we have seen in that game today, the emotions that we have gone through, that will just be a fraction of what it will be like if we achieve what it is we have set out to do. We've now got to keep working hard, we'll be back again on Monday and we'll move on to the next one and let's just hope that we continue like this.

I have to say that the Matty Glennon save was a great save. The lads have given him a bit of stick since that incident last week but that's a bit of payback. He owed us that. I'm delighted because he has been absolutely superb for us this season. He's been one of our most consistent players. Plenty of people are saying that he should be our player of the season, well, he's been different class and he got the reward today. The work he puts in in training, he works so hard and he doesn't always get the rub of the green but he has shown us enough times what he can do. As for Richie Foran, I've spoken a lot about him before. I've had to think long and hard about whether I could involve him. I'm not somebody who holds grudges and he regrets what happened earlier in the season. He has worked hard in training and he had an opportunity to come to Mansfield and do a job for us. I told him that as long as he was at the club and fit and if he was doing the right things to get in to the side that I would put him in. There was no way I was going to cut my nose off to spite my face and he has proved that he can work hard and he has played a massive part in what happened today. He deserved this opportunity for the work he has put in over the last few months. I think he knows as well as I do that he's at his last chance with his behaviour but he has done everything he can to settle himself down and I hope for his sake that he can continue with that because he has the potential.

We had nearly 1000 fans here today and we say every week, whether we're home or away, they are absolutely superb. Again we're talking about feelings at the end of the game and hopefully we'll keep it going in to next week so that they can go through the same again and we'll keep them smiling.

It's Cheltenham next week and I know how professional John Ward is so it won't be easy. I will be having a chat with him this week, I had a chat with him on Friday night before this game, but I know for a fact that we won't get any favours against Cheltenham. But, if we show the same level of commitment then we won't need anybody to do us any favours. We need to keep battling away and with the spirit and the players and the ability that they have got then we have given ourselves every chance of staying up."
Carlisle boss Paul Simpson was understandably elated.
He said: "Talk about making it hard for ourselves!
"We knew we had to come here and win and it didn't matter how we did it. I didn't care if it was ugly, superb football, fighting or laying down.
"Carlisle have lived on fairy tales for six or seven years - can this be another? We've kept that little dream alive and we can take that into our next game.
"We can't worry about other people as we can't affect that, only what we are going to do and we have got a chance.
"If it come the end of the games it's not enough then we know why. That's down to what's gone before and we have to accept that.
"There is a fantastic spirit and attitude here and I am delighted for them and also the fans who were behind that goal today. I am sure their hearts dipped when Mansfield got it back to 2-2 and when we conceded that penalty at the end.
"We showed character. I have gone through every emotion imaginable since I took over. But I told the players the emotions they felt at the end of this one were only a fraction of what they would feel if we achieve what we have set out to do."


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