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Archived News from April 2004

7th April 2004 0:04

Interview with Adam Summerton, Mansfield 103.2

transcribed by Martin Shaw

The performance level was spot on and the result was spot on. Individually and collectively there was an awful lot of plusses out there tonight.There was an urgency about the players when they reported to the ground. Purposely myself and John kept it very low key; we knew there was a lot of disappointed people in that changing room on Saturday. We had to make sure there was a positive atmosphere, a positive response. The response today was magnificent. Today was the least I've spoken to the players; I wanted to make sure that when I did speak to the players I had the right impact.

It's up there with one of our best performances of the season.

That was Junior at his best today. He's had the 4 chances and he's stuck one away. Junior might not always get the chances, but you guarantee you're going to get that level of commitment, determination and desire to do well for the team. When he was struggling for goals a fan told me on a phone-in on this station that Junior wouldn't get in his pub team - I'd like to watch that team now, they must have some good players.

Leroy Williamson is a natural footballer who can player anywhere across the midfield or slot into any position.

Darlington is another massive game, this is the stage we want to be in. They're coming thick and fast now.


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