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28th March 2004 11:43

I took the opportunity at half time to nip down to the touch-line to ask the TV cameraman behind the goal which TV company he was working for. We had a little chat and he told me it was ITV1 HTV West, which will be showing highlights of the game on Sunday lunchtime, so tune in if you have Sky Digital.

10832H ITV1 HTV West
use Symbol Rate 22.0 & FEC 5/6

There is no channel number

You have to tune it in. Here's how to do it:

For ITV1 HTV West
Press Services
Press 4 for System set up
Press 4 for add channels
For Frequency, type in 10.832
For Polarisation, toggle to H
For symbol rate, toggle to 22.00
For FEC, toggle to 5/6
Go to Find channels, press select
Go to ITV1 HTV West
Press Yellow button to Store channel

then to watch ITV1 HTV West
Press Services
Press 6 for Other Channels
Go to ITV1 HTV West
Press Select
This is not available on NTL or freeview.



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