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Archived News from February 2004

14th February 2004 22:21

Interview from Radio York with York manager Chris Brass

Transcription by Jason Harrison

We started too late – we had a little spell before they got the second goal and we've really come back into it afterwards but it's too late you've given yourself a mountain to climb to come back two goals.

We've got to learn from that – we showed so much energy and fight at the death why didn't we do that from the start that's something we need to address.

[Asked about Liam's goal] That's why he's attracting interest from higher divisions – it's a good finish, you hold your hand up to goals like that but the second one, it was one of those strange ones with the interpretation of the offside law coming back from an offside position and then go in and score. Again, it was just a bad goal to concede in my eyes.

[On the offside rule] They're trying to change it behind the scenes but no-one knows what the rule is at the moment – it's difficult while the transition's made but we're on the wrong end of it again. But that wasn't why we got beat; Mansfield had the edge until the 60th minute they wanted it a bit more – that's not right from where we're coming from. One or two looked a little nervous – our quality's let us down in vital areas.

[On late chances for York] Nobody would have been surprised if we hadn't got something out of the game. The keeper's dropped it and it's landed straight back in his hands – these things happen. We keep making these opportunities but a lack of quality is lacking in the final third. It's a learning curve and we move on.

[Asked about looking over shoulder at relegation] Why start talking of relegation? We look forward not back, missed an opportunity today but have another chance on Tuesday. We have to start winning soon or we're going to end up finishing mid-table, we still have a fighting chance of getting into the play-offs.


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