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Archived News from February 2004

7th February 2004 21:50

The desire to make things happen wasn't there. There were disappointing performances and no-one is going to be allowed to hide behind that. It was a performance today that was unacceptable and won't happen again. The supporters showed their disappointment today and that was understandable.
The majority of the goals today were conceded due to basic defending. (On the goals): There was no doubt about the penalty. The second goal was poor defending, and the third goal a good free kick, but it was poor defending to give away the free kick.
Kevin Pilkington was outstanding today. If he hadn't been on the top of his form, it could have been four or five.
A lot of players let themselves down today by not playing at the top of their form.
Players have got to show more desire and commitment when they're out on that football field.

Transcribed by Martin Shaw
Interview by Jason Harrison, Mansfield 103.2


Audio interview with Keith Curle from Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed)

"That was a horrible and unacceptable performance," said Mansfield boss Keith Curle.
"Their goals were all down to basic defending. We had a back four who looked like they had never played together and had just been thrown together.
"Sometimes you can afford to have one or two players within a team not firing. But today we had nine or 10 not performing and if Kevin Pilkington had not been at the top of his game in goal it could have been embarrassing.
"There was a lack of urgency to make things happen and we need to get back to basics all over the park.
"I think our lads were hoping Richard would give them a spark on his debut. But it would be difficult for players like Anelka and Henry to come into a team that isn't firing.
"Some fans made their displeasure known and rightly so. It was unacceptable and I have plenty of competition for places here right now."
Rochdale manager Steve Parkin was delighted by his sides response for more desire from his side as they, with the addition of a few faces, put in Dale's best performance of the season.

"I'm delighted because there was disappointment last week and we put in a poor performance in such an important game, today it was like watching a different team.

"We have worked hard this week in training, had a couple of chats with some of the players individually about a couple of things and I think from the first whistle you could see they were up for it.

"Everyone was winning their personal battles all over the pitch and once the goals start going in I looked at their body language and thought there was only going to be one winner.

"Holt was disappointed with his performance last week because it was difficult for him to play his game. The service, in poor conditions last Saturday, wasn't there and I don't think Paul and Grant played as a pair.

"Today was different because Holty won the flick ons and Connor was there and they created chances for each other and never gave the central defenders of Mansfield a minute all game.

"I'm also delighted with young Danny (Livesey) too. He's a super lad, quiet and strong, physical when he needs to be and people forget he his only 19-years-old. He's a tremendous prospect and I'm glad we've got him."


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