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7th May 2006 18:28

Ant And Dec (Chairman of the SSA):

I had a chat with John Rutherford the Chief Safety Officer this evening. He has asked us to publicise that he has taken the decision to give Swansea the Bishop Street Stand only. Naturally this means the Quarry Lane End will be open to Stags fans.

Since taking this decision earlier today, John has come in for a lot of criticism from Swansea, who have asked for 750 tickets, and is expecting a call from the league demanding an explanation. His reasoning (which seems sound to me) is based upon calls he has made to every club the Swans have visited this season. An example of their away following is: 383 (Bury), 140 (Scunny) 400 (Hull). He will tell the league that he cannot justify giving them a 1900 stand based upon these numbers. The Bishop Street has capacity for 560.

The game will be all ticket for Swansea, but not for Stags fans.

Despite the hassle he is expecting, John is happy with his decision and will stick by it. However, he will look foolish if he turns Swansea fans away and the Quarry Lane stand remains virtually empty, as it was on Saturday. This may lead to further question being raised.

For this reason he has asked us to make a plea to Stags fans to back this move by using these extra seats that have been made available to us. The experiment did not work on Saturday, probably due to the opposition, but if we support it this time we could turn Field Mill into a 3 sided home crowd for every game.

Most of us suffered access problems against Rochdale. If we can have the QL Stand for every game, them such difficulties are unlikely to arise again.

Many of you have pleaded for this so, now we have the opportunity, we have to take it!


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