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28th April 2002 11:58

Stags boss Stuart Watkiss admitted the club could not make any transfer plans for next season until the ITV Digital crisis is resolved.
Watkiss said: "I have spoken with the chairman but there is nothing we can do until we find out what is happening with the ITV money.
"All we can do is tread water and hope no one else jumps in for the players I have in mind. I know what I need and who I want for next season but there is no point in me doing anything about it until I know we can afford it which is very frustrating.
"The PFA list of players available should be out soon and then I am sure the wheeling and dealing will start."
The boss knows that life in Division Two will present Town with different challenges to those they have faced this year, and he continued: "The finance I am given will dictate the type of player we are able to bring in but, first and foremost I want two big, dominant central defenders.
"Once the ITV thing is sorted then I am sure we will see a flurry of activity everywhere.
"It was hard releasing some of my squad at the end of the week as I would sooner be just adding to it. But I understand that, at this level, you have to ship players out to get others in and the managers that do it the best are the ones who succeed."
He added: "Right now I am happy the season is over to give me a break from the intensity of it all.
"I felt I had had my fill of football after the run-in we had. But I am sure it won't be long before I am missing it again and next season is a challenge we are all looking forward to."
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