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22nd April 2002 12:08

Stuart Watkiss is ready to discuss future signings and The Stags Second Division strategy for next season with chairman Keith Haslam next week.
Town's boss accepts that the club will need to approach next season carefully as they look to develop their small squad on a limited income.
"We will savour promotion for a few days and then I will sit down with the chairman and have a chat," he said.
"I know what I need and I do have players in mind. It's nice to be able to sort our our weaknesses in Division Two and not Division Three.
"Division Two has clubs with far more financial clout than we could ever hope to have. Even Luton and Plymouth who came up with us have far more spending power than us.
"So we know we need to be well-drilled and organised and we need the right players in to do that."
Source: Teamtalk


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