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22nd July 2003 15:41

Evening Post, 22 July 2003

There will be no doubts as to who has put the effort in when Mansfield take on Alfreton in a pre-season friendly tonight.

The Stags players are all being fitted with heart monitors to give manager Keith Curle a statistical record of each player's performance. He said it has been a great aid during pre-season as it has helped him in organising training.

The equipment has been loaned from West Notts College.

He said: "The main purpose is to keep an eye on the players' fitness and it helps us get the best out of them.

"We try to work them to 85 per cent or 90 per cent of their capacity and then see how long it takes them to recover.

"Then, when they have reached a certain level, we know they are ready to go again.

"I don't believe in them running miles and miles. It is about quality not quantity.

"By looking at the figures, we can organise it so that, rather than doing 12 sprints that are only all right, they can do eight excellent ones."

This is the first time the Stags will be wearing the equipment during a game and Curle is looking forward to viewing the results.

He said: "Nobody will be able to lie because the facts will all be there.

"In an ideal world, you would find the strikers will have the most impressive results because they are chasing and harrying the ball all the time.

The midfielders will get through their work because they will be attacking and defending while the defenders, hopefully, will not have to work that hard because they won't have that much to do."

Kick-off at Alfreton is at 7.30pm.


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