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8th April 2024 11:28

1.30pm, Mon 1 April 2024

Mansfield v Accrington postponed

Mansfield Town expresses its disappointment in announcing that today’s Sky Bet League Two encounter at home to Accrington Stanley has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.

The match referee deemed the pitch unplayable following a routine inspection of the playing surface after arriving at One Call Stadium this afternoon.


Details of the rearranged fixture will be announced in due course.


Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough ‘unbelievably disappointed’ after home clash with Accrington Stanley suffers late postponement
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Mon 1 April 2024

Mansfield Town boss Nigel Clough said the club was 'unbelievably disappointed' when this afternoon's home clash with Accrington Stanley was called off a couple of hours before kick-off due to a waterlogged pitch.

Stags were desperate to play and get Friday's 2-0 defeat at promotion rivals out of their system in front of a big Bank Holiday crowd.

But the referee found an unplayable area in front of the Ian Greaves Stand and Stags must now wait until Saturday when they host Crawley Town to resume their promotion push.

“It was unbelievably disappointing. We were so looking forward to it this afternoon,” said Clough.

“We are devastated - we needed the game and Accrington have come ready to play as well

“I had arrived at the normal time and the referee asked if I would go down for a chat.

“He said he wasn't told of anything being an issue but he'd arrived and found parts of the pitch that he didn't think were playable.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town-boss-nigel-clough-unbelievably-disappointed-after-home-clash-with-accrington-stanley-suffers-late-postponement-4575621

“He said all he could do was give it 10-15 minutes to see if we could get the water off.

“It was totally his decision and we have to go with that.

“He has issues like player safety to think of and things like that. There was nothing else in his mind and we accept his decision.”

Clough continued: “It was just an area in front of the main stand which was his only concern.

“He said the ball wasn't moving. He dropped a few balls and it didn't bounce.

“That is his decision and I have absolutely no criticism of the referee whatsoever. We are just unbelievably disappointed.

“We will train and the lads have come in ready to work. We have a fair bit of pent up frustration after the last couple of games that we were looking forward to so wanted to hopefully take it out on Accrington.

“Now we have to wait another five days for the next game.

“It won't make any difference injury-wise as no one will be back in that time.

“So I hope no one is thinking we've got a few injuries so got the game called off.

“No one else will back for next Saturday or in two weeks time. So it makes no difference in that way to us.

“It's another game to fit in in just over two weeks that we could have done without.

“At this stage of the season with just six games to go we desperately wanted this game on today.”


twitter, 1 Apr 2024

Charles Cresswell @cresswellhibbe1
Is there a plan in place for the end of the season to resolve the problem areas of the pitch?

michael merriman @mezski
It’s mainly under the west stand as per usual and unfortunately the pitch can’t take what this winter has thrown at it , there are plans but not the one I really want to solve all the problems as it’s not cheap so we will do what we can and we have a better winter

Charles Cresswell @cresswellhibbe1
That is the bit people want to hear. Thanks Mez

michael merriman @mezski
All tho today’s cancellation was embarrassing it was 2 areas about 4 square meters that the ball didn’t bounce, everyone is going soft

Charles Cresswell @cresswellhibbe1
Player safety always is paramount. Should we played and kicked towards the North Stand, McClaughlin twists and ankle there would be uproar!!!!
Damned if you and damned if you don’t. Just needs solving rather than all abusing.

michael merriman @mezski
Even the assistant said it can’t be called for this and both sets of players

twitter, 3 Apr 2024

michael merriman @mezski
Vertidrained the stadium today and it pulls this rugby socket cover up from the 80s how has this never been pulled up before

Christopher Dixon @DICKO25BFC
Surely the pitch has benefited dug up since the 80s???? Whne was the last rugby match on it??

michael merriman @mezski
Nope, the top has been turned many times but you only go to 4 inches with that

Christopher Dixon @DICKO25BFC
Wow. That unreal pal. Much work to do??

michael merriman @mezski
Always, but a new build is obviously a lot it money