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Archived News from March 2024

27th March 2024 23:47

Fans' forum, Wed 20 March 2024
Manager Nigel Clough and Academy manager Richard Cooper
Host: Mark Stevenson

in conjunction with the Stags Supporters’ Association.
venue: 1861 Suite at One Call Stadium
sold out (over 190 supporters in attendance)

Available in full on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7firrtka0A&ab_channel=mansfieldtownfc

selected notes by Darren Shaw, with additional quotes transcribed by Martin Shaw

The evening started with lots of questions that had been sent in from fans.

Question about Clough's contract.
Clough: "We did the contract with David Sharpe.
"If we get promoted, then another year kicks in.
"If we don't get promoted, then the contract is up because you would probably want someone else to have a go as we've had 3.5 years."
Clough said he is 58 and he has had chats with his wife about their future plans.

We have a chance of signing Lewis Brunt on loan again if we are promoted unless he attracts interest from a lower end Championship club. Robert Huth is the loans manager at Leicester. Nigel said he had a great job because Leicester only have one player out on loan. Nigel said this was a major problem as clubs from higher up were not letting their players out on loan to get much needed experience in men's football.

He tried to sign Louis Reed a year earlier before he did but Swindon would not let him go. They then offered him to us in January 2023 for £25,000.

Clough: “Recruitment is huge, honestly, they say the most important job a manager has is picking the team, it is, but also if you haven’t got the players to pick from then you are in trouble that way.
“So, recruitment is absolutely massive to get the right people in the building, sometimes you can’t get them when you want.
“We couldn’t get Louis Reed 12 months before [January 2022] or six months before because Swindon wouldn’t let him go.
“Then we get a call in January ‘Yes, you can have him for 25 grand or something like that’, so you snap their hands off.
“You just try and improve every time you sign a player, hopefully, and that is one of the things that people don’t see.”

Stephen Quinn is unlikely to go into coaching because of his business/property interests. It would be great to keep him for another year. He had nearly retired after leaving Reading because of his knee. He thought he was finished. Chris Morgan phoned Nigel Clough up and asked if Quinny could come and train with them at Burton and he's virtually been with them ever since..

Stephen Quinn has a massive desire to win. He hates losing at anything. He is one of the best trainers. Lots of jokes about getting money off Stephen Quinn because of his silly bookings.

Lucas Akins is incredibly fit for his age and could easily carry on for 2/3 more seasons.

Ollie Clarke is the best tackler.

Jordan Bowery is going to sign another contract to stay at the Stags.

Very happy with the goalkeepers. Adam Collin is really good at recruiting at young keepers.

We are going to sign 5/6 players in the summer.

Louis Reed has scored with more headers than Aden Flint.

Aden Flint will not be going up front again this season. He made the wrong decision to send him up front at Swindon. I asked if Baily Cargill was a better option as he has scored more goals. Nigel said Baily Cargill had found the space to score goals because the opposition had been concentrating on Aden Flint. He didn't think Baily could play up front if necessary to try and get a goal as he had not done it before whereas Aden Flint had played up front in the past.

I asked why we had our top scorer Davis Keillor-Dunn taking corners. Would it be better to have him on the edge of the area as he is good at scoring from that position. Nigel said DKD likes to take corners but we have lots of different players who can take them. He thought Stephen Quinn took the best corners but acknowledged we could do with a specialist set piece taker who could be one of the summer recruits.

The most improved player was now Will Swan who had a big task to improve on last season. It took him a while to get going again.

McKeal Abdullah is injured and out for the season.

George Cooper could not go out on loan this season because we had to keep him in our squad because of the rules on homegrown players. It was between him and Owen Mason. Richard Cooper said George Cooper had been injured but he had around 80 appearances under his belt in National League North and he would easily attract interest from clubs at that level. He is our oldest recruit from the youth team. He would get fixed up like Jason Law.

Well done to the SSA and Mark Stevenson for organising a great evening.



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