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7th February 2024 0:20

Nigel Clough told iFollow Stags, Fri 2 Feb 2024

"The news on Aden Flint was better than we were anticipating."
"Aden Flint saw a specialist last night. Confirmed what the physio Tom thought about it, a partial dislocation, so we're not talking too long with that one. Basically it's how much discomfort he can tolerate in a game situation. There's no time frame, just see how he goes in the next week or two."

"We've been working on the Tom Nichols deal throughout the window. Evntually got it over the line a day or two ago.
"We needed a striker with Rhys Oates being out for 9 months.
"Tom is a player we've admired for quite some time.
"We've nearly signed him on one or two occasions as well.
"He's an intelligent player. He moves you around, he drops off a little bit, he can play right up there. For his size he's very good in the air. He scores a range of goals.
"I think the way we play as a team, I think we'll create chances for him."

On John-Joe O'Toole joining AFC Wimbledon:
"It was a last minute one. Only came on 2 or 3 hours before the window closed.
"Initially because of the injuries, we thought no we can't really afford to.
"Then John-Joe said 'I've hardly played, I really need to get my career going'.
"I couldn't see him starting any games here between now and the end of the season.
"We've got Lewis Brunt, Baily Cargill, the news on Aden Flint was better than we were anticipating, we've got George Williams.
"So it was a case of let's be fair to everybody.
"And he's got an opportunity to get going and get playing.
"It was as much about being fair to him as anything."

"The other (transfer target) was a long shot. We were dealing with a club that was a little bit tricky to deal with, so about 4 or 5 days ago we assessed we didn't think that was going to happen."

"There's not been much out there this window. Sometimes there's quite a few available. But there hasn't been a lot. So that's why we're so pleased we've got a proven goalscorer and goalmaker in Tom.

"Not looking to pursue the free agent market. Unless we get a further batch of injuries.

"Elliott Hewitt's been away testing at St.Georges this week. They've come back positive. So he'll be joining in in a couple of weeks training with us, and should be available if all goes well before the end of February."

"Callum Johnson, Calum Macdonald, James Gale are similar (by end of February).

"George Williams has done a little bit of training (after he was ill at the weekend). Didn't feel great earlier on in the week. Whether he'll be ready to start or not I'm not sure, but he'll be in the squad."