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10th September 2022 11:40

Nigel Clough told Mark Stevenson on iFollow Stags, Fri 2 Sept 2022:

Q: can you give us an insight into transfer deadline day?

"Very frustrating in the end.
"We chased a number of players and then when we got down to the wire we got the okay on what was pretty close to our number one target, as players were whittled down.
"Unfortunately the plug got pulled on us I think five minutes before the window closed last night at 10.55 which didn't give us any time to get anybody else in.
"That was the disappointing thing we weren't told by the other club...
"It was Diallang Jaiyesimi at Charlton.
"He'd agreed and I'd spoken to the player twice. We'd sorted out he was going to take number 11. That's how far everything was sorted.
"He was going to sign remotely at Charlton and then come up and stay in a hotel and then be ready for training this morning.
"And then Charlton pulled the plug at 10.55 last night.
"The owners gave us the green light to go for Jaiyesimi and it would have made him probably in our top few highest paid players at the club, on a loan, as normal for the rest of the season, with a break in January.
"Then there was another couple that we were looking at as well which we could have brought in for the same (combined) price.
"So we kept those two sort of going along, juggling along, until about nine o'clock, when eventually everything said right we're all good to go, paperwork's sort of signed and everything with Charlton.
"Then we called off on the other two. And then unfortunately we get let down at the last minute."

Q: so you had no inkling whatsoever that they might pull it?

"No, none at all. Once paperwork's been exchanged and you know you you're close to that you're just looking waiting for a final signature and everything.
"I think a signing fell down at their end, but we didn't know that was dependent upon that, we thought it was all good to go ahead.
"He was a player that we've liked for some time, been out of Swindon on loan and done really well. 24 years old, just the sort of player that we were looking for.
"So we move on. The good thing is the squad that we've got is very very good as it is."

Q: just to wrap up on the transfer window, you had two as backups then?

"Yes. And we made it clear to them all along: listen this is our number one target, if that goes ahead, and we get the okay on that, then we're going to go ahead with that one.
"And they were fine with that, we're open about that, so they had the opportunity, and with a few hours to go to get those players fixed up. But there's not much you can do at 10.55."

Q: just a final word on Jaiyesimi if I may, it sounded like a bit of a gambling night if you would because I suppose in retrospect the only thing you might have done was put a deadline on Charlton to say we must sign him by this point otherwise we're going to options b and c?"

"That's it. That's the one thing that we've discussed. But you usually do that when you have a little bit of an inclination that it might not be going.
"It was literally them losing the player at the last minute as well that we didn't know about.
"But it's something we've discussed already this morning and we will in future put it on. And we have done it before if we think there is a bit of a doubt that it might go ahead.
"There was no reason to doubt it."

Q: I've seen this question a lot, so it requires an explanation, why does the club leave it to 'quote unquote' the last minute?

"Well because we didn't know the lad was available first of all until a couple of days ago.
"Then we start negotiations straight away. Then the lad had four or five other league two clubs to decide between. so it was very much down to the player.
"Yesterday he said that he was he didn't make the decision until early evening so we can't do anything about.
"He's a London lad, I would think ideally he'd probably have wanted to stay in London.
"He had a couple quite a few league one clubs, Charlton said they didn't want him to go to a competitor which is completely understandable.
"And then he didn't make that decision till early evening. So that's how it works, that's how transfer deadline day is.
"Everybody's waiting for something a little bit better, either the player or the clubs, hence it goes down to the last few hours.
"We do generally do our business early in transfer windows, as early as we can.
"So it doesn't suit us and it doesn't sit right, but that's just the way that the market is."

Q: You couldn't recall Danny Johnson from Walsall even if you wanted to?

"No no. January is the first time we could do that.
"People say 'well why did you let Danny go'?
"Well if anybody's got a crystal ball and knew that Rhys Oates was going to rupture his pec or anything else, then please can you lend it to us.
"Because no way would we have let Danny out and, I was chatting with the chairman after the game the other night, and the main reason we did it was: we don't like players hanging around.
"And Danny's a big earner with us and we don't want him sitting around on the fringes of things.
"Maybe from a selfish point of view as a manager we'll keep them all together and he sits in the stand, we might need him for a few games.
"I don't think that's good economics for the club and we don't want to waste money like that."

transcribed by Martin


Frustration as Mansfield Town miss out on deadline day signing at the last minute
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Thursday 1st September 2022, 11:30 pm

Mansfield Town missed out at the last minute on bringing in a player before tonight’s 11pm transfer deadline.

Boss Nigel Clough had been trying to bring in a forward player as cover for the injured Rhys Oates and Chad understands that a deal had been agreed for a loan deal on a player, but his parent club withdrew at 10.59pm.

Earlier in the evening Stags had been linked with Charlton Athletic's Nigerian forward Diallang Jaiyesimi but no confirmation was available as to whether this was the deal in question.

read more at https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/frustration-as-mansfield-town-miss-out-on-deadline-day-signing-at-the-last-minute-3828371

Clough will now go with what he has but will probably elect to keep young striker James Gale in his squad as cover instead of the planned loan to another club.

The Stags boss revealed earlier in the week that he had tried over 30 names in recent weeks but had been unable to get any over the line due to a variety of reasons from wage demands to players intent on playing at a higher level and clubs changing their minds or suffering an injury that left them unable to release the player in question.


BBC Nottingham Sport @BBCRNS, Thursday 1st September 2022, 11:30 pm
We understand #stags had agreed a deadline-day loan deal for a forward, but his parent club withdrew at 2259.


charltonafc.com, , Thursday 1st September 2022, 11:20 pm
Following the closure of the 2022 summer transfer window, the club would like to update supporters.

The Addicks signed seven players during the window and were working very hard to add at least one more player on transfer deadline day.

Charlton Owner and CEO Thomas Sandgaard said: “It has been a busy few days and we were very confident of bringing in another striker before the deadline. The whole recruitment team - myself, Steve [Gallen], Martin [Sandgaard] and Ben [Garner] - have been working tirelessly to get this last deal completed.

“We thought we were there and the player had passed his medical at our training ground on Thursday evening, but unfortunately there were complications beyond our control late in the day, which went down to the last minute, and we haven’t been able to sign the player.

read more at https://www.charltonafc.com/news/update-following-closure-transfer-window

“With players departing the club on loan, that frees up some space in the squad and we’ll now have a further look at options in the free agent market.

“Despite not getting a striker in, we have a very good squad in place and an excellent manager, as our early-season performances have shown. The whole group are focused on the coming months and doing the best they can for the club.”


Six clubs interested in loan deal for Charlton Athletic winger
31 August 2022, by Richard Cawley
Charlton Athletic winger Diallang Jaiyesimi is the subject of significant loan interest ahead of Thursday’s transfer deadline.


The Addicks are open to letting the 24-year-old South Londoner, born in Southwark, make a temporary exit.

And the South London Press understands that six clubs have all expressed an interest in doing a deal for Jaiyesimi, who is facing a battle for regular game time with Crystal Palace loanee Jesurun Rak-Sakyi and Charlie Kirk looking first picks in the wide attacking roles.

Milton Keynes and Lincoln were two clubs that we reported last week were in the mix for the former Dulwich Hamlet youngster, who has played 98 minutes of League One football this season.



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